Relations-From Birth to Death album reviewed by Mark Jenkins.
Devil's Horns has had the pleasure of hearing some solid German releases over the last month and thankfully not the generic beatdown hardcore that often is churned out and mostly dull.

Not the case here, Relations are a sensational hardcore band with two vocalists, big arse riffs and so, so much heaviness. Listen to a tracks like "Dirty Sanchez",RIP and Resistance and you'll want a bath after the fantastic filth evident here. Nasty, gritty and equal parts L.A. Hardcore and NYHC mixed with fuckloads of death and thrash metal.

The production is heavy on deep and abrasive tone and it really is bass heavy in a sick way.The drums are really intense throughout the whole release,it's a definite highlight of their sound as well as the excellent use of the two vocalists.The style is original and the vocals mix up the hardcore and death metal style so very well.

Highlights: I can't choose between the tracks, it's that incredible.And very solid for a debut album.
4/5 and well worth your time!!!.

watch this old clip (pre this album but it's still great):

Album drops 31.8.18, preorder it 100%!.