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ERIS & THE DISCIPLES Single/Video: URBAN COWBOY FFO: Dirty, sleazy blues- driven darkened beats and some PJ Harvey/Nick Cave greatness etc.

Our Last Enemy interview with Oli by Mark J. Fantastic long form chat!.

Our Last Enemy-As Within So Without EP review by Mark J. FFO: Crushing, intelligent Industrial Metal with all the bells and nasty whistles.

Wet Specimens-Over Pale Bodies album review By Mark J. FFO: Blazing, ridiculously perfect D-beat/HC/Post Punk masterpieces.

Give Up - Hope-To Those Who Wait album review by Mark J. FFO: Old school Hardcore like Terror, Death Before Dishonor etc

Ingested Interview with Lyn Jeffs(drummer and top bloke) on the eve of their debut Australian tour with Archspire.

Northern Hit Squad-Violence is Golden EP review by Mark J. FFO: Raging and brilliant Hardcore.

High / Bataälla-Split EP review by Mark J. FFO: High energy thrashy punk/riffs.