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Vulvodynia Interview. Brutal Death metal from South Africa.

Vulvodynia Interview. Brutal Death metal from South Africa.   Vulvodynia dropped an awesome album Mob Justice a few months ago and this writer is still playing it heavily, due to its addiction-like qualities and brutality. We had a chat with this awesome band and remember in November, we are lucky enough to have Vulvodynia on the Australian shores!!!.

1-Tell me how it feels to drop the face-melting album that is Mob Justice? And give your readers a
history of how your brutal band came about?

It’s always very exciting to release new material. We poured our hearts and souls into it and we
hope people will enjoy what we released. Vulvodynia started with Luke Haarhoff and Duncan
Bentley writing slam tunes. They were inspired by bands like Ingested and Acrania, and wanted
to write some brutal music of their own. Fast-forward to today we have Kris Xenopoulos, Thomas
Hughes, and Chris van der Walt added to the line-up to complete the band.

2- What drew you to metal and what is it such a rew…

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