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Benediction UK Death Metal legends interview with Daz and Scriptures album review.

Benediction UK Death Metal legends interview with Darren and Scriptures album review.Benediction is a legendary Death Metal band from Birmingham, England that has been kicking arse since 1989. Always unrelenting in their riffs and intent, famous for not only being Barney Greenway's old band but more so for their own merits in classic albums like Subconscious Terror (1990) and The Grand Leveller (1991) to name but two rippers. When I got the chance to chat to the top bloke that is Darren; who has been there since the band's inception, I jumped at the chance.
Daz was an utterly down to earth chap who is passionate about this band, he shared his thoughts on the new album, the band as a whole and even had some party tales about Lemmy. Quality chat enjoy!!!

Benediction-Scriptures album review. FFO: Nasty and brutal Old School Death Metal, no mess, no fuss.
Old School Death Metal just has a massive edge over the modern artists that cannot be explained. There seems to be a raw swagger and…

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