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Locked In-The Solemn Leap EP review. Raging Italian Hardcore with power.

  Locked In-The Solemn Leap EP review. Raging Italian Hardcore with power. This fantastic band has been kicking since 2007 and I have only just heard them, damn wish I discovered them earlier. If you dig old-school hardcore and even proper emo hardcore, not that lame screamo bullshit; you will love this. This just drips in pure emotive power, the guitar work is sublime and overall a totally awesome release. What it also has in its corner is an amazing production style that is punchy and in your face. The Solemn Leap is only five tracks long and one is a beautiful acoustic, but fitting intro track that leaps into sheer dynamic aggression. The riffs dominate every song as much as do the very confident vocals and every track is varied, but all pretty pacey. As well as a slight emo hardcore vibe, it also echoes musical finesse associated with classic straight edge bands. This is evident in sick breakdowns and wicked group vocals. Added to this are guest vocals that make a difference to eac

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