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Agnostic Front- Get Loud! album review.

Agnostic Front- Get Loud! album review. To dilute the influence Agnostic Front has had on hardcore worldwide would be absolute sacrilege to this musical institution. To us Agnostic Front fans, we have been blessed; we had the glorious The Godfathers of Hardcore film, which to me is the best hardcore doco ever released and now we get a new album. And an absolute killer one that sits right next to their best albums.
Take a breath punk and think about how incredible the classic AF albums were. This writer doesn't think they have ever released a weak album, they mixed it up and be it street punk or metal, always keep themselves a pivotal force in hardcore. That's right, progression folks. A real secret to longevity. But as I suggested, think Victim In Pain, Cause for Alarm, Liberty and Justice For... and Live at CBGB. Simply stunning hardcore classic albums with grit and power. Well time to step up and Get Loud!.
This is a well-produced album that sounds like a proper hardcore re…

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