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Irist-Order of the Mind album review.

Irist-Order of the Mind album review. Heavy, Epic, Masterful and Original is the message of Irist's debut album. It is like Dillinger Escape Plan crossed with Sepultura. Hard to imagine, but it works perfectly. It also has some touches of peak Fear Factory as well. So basically aggressive post-hardcore/metal landscapes abound. Many songs have rollercoaster-like journeys that grips the listener firmly. Guitarwork is skillful and never overdone, vocal finesse was very apparent and every track is dense and gloomy. For a debut album, it is incredible because of the top tier level of songwriting throughout this stellar release. Most tracks were catchy as hell and mosh worthy. And whilst this album is instantly likable, it just grows on you with each listen. There is sufficient variety across the album to make each track unique and this is a band that will produce multiple substantial albums as well as slaying live. Don't hesitate BUY THIS PRONTO!!!.
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White Stones-Kuarahy album review.

White Stones-Kuarahy album review. This album is a band/project for Opeth's bassist Martin Mendez and to be perfectly frank I'd take this over most of Opeth's albums. Heavily sublime in every way, it's equal parts grim death metal and atmospheric soundscape. I had little expectations of this really and adored it by the end of my first listen. The different stylized genres that drip feed in and out were magical; bits of doom, prog, and down-tuned death metal all interwoven in amazingly well-written tracks with epic journeys from start to end. The musicianship is top tier and all ten tracks were overwhelming. A truly great album that growls and smothers you with it's dark and foreboding tone. Chuck this in your eardrums pronto!!!.
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Wolfpack-A.D. EP review.

Wolfpack-A.D. EP review. If metallic beatdown hardcore is one of your fave genres, you definitely have heard of the French wizards of this style, Wolfpack. Smashing eardrums and wrecking minds since 2012, they have just dropped this evil, but quite progressive EP titled A.D. This time around they have upped the variety by splicing in some industrial and death metal grooves into their overall sound. The foundation and style is still definitely around artists like Desolated and Nasty, but this time around they have strong Code Orange influence. This writer is certainly no fan of C.O., but thankfully these french craftsmen forge brutal metal combined with unsettling melody in a refreshing format. Definitely appealing to the modern hardcore fan, rather than the old school head; the overall sound is hectic and skull-crushing. Wolfpack seem to be evolving with each release and the talent shines strong with epic intensity in all 5 tracks here.
Out on BDHW.

The Path-Chaotic Good album review.

The Path-Chaotic Good album review. Albums that stick in your mind are a perfect combination of well-written song structure, pace, and aggression.  Chaotic Good is all this and then some. So many sick elements combine to make you want to play this on repeat and in these times of self-isolation and associated dramas, we need the dynamite attack of this band. It's like Kill Your Idols on 20 cups of coffee, raging fast hardcore. Riffs were abrasive and all well placed, but loved the caustic vocals that added absolute chaos to the band's overall sound. Lyrics were excellent and whilst the 11 tracks fly by, it's one hell of a decent hardcore album. All proceeds go to charity from this release and they fucking deserve your attention.  BUY THIS ALBUM AND TURN IT UP UNTIL YOUR NEIGHBOURS CALL THE COPS!!!

Slime: Wem gehoert die Angst album review.

Slime: Wem gehoert die Angst (Who Owns Fear) album review. Slime is a german punk institution that has consistently addressed social issues and promoted activism. This is their 8th album and it's solid as fuck. Whilst I cannot understand German, I was drawn by the catchy and punchy tracks. The pace is like the peak of old school street punk like The Business or Cockney Rejects or fellow comrades Die Toten Hosen. The whole album has great variety and I dug how it bounced from straight punk to post-punk to folk-punk or even hard rock. They are quality players to carry this off so proficiently. I can imagine this would be a great band to pogo to whilst downing several pints. But the outstanding lyrical quality adds more to these really well-written songs. Great album.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies-Fuctifano album review.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies-Fuctifano album review. A solid band that has been kicking since 1978 and really specializing in piss-take punk. They can always write amusing and catchy tunes with brutal sarcasm. But have to say, whilst pretty amusing and relatable, there isn't anything really exciting or interesting here. Yes, I found tracks like Facebook Loser, Cydrated and Saturday Dad damn funny, there were no standouts aside from these. And the brass/horns/whatever you want to call it were irritating as fuck. Disappointing. But by all accounts cracking live. Maybe this is a slow burner for all you lager lads, but no cigar for me.

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The Uncovering of Prog. Metal Majesty: Interview with Karl of Divine Ascension.

The Uncovering of Prog. Metal Majesty: Interview with Karl of Divine Ascension.  If gripping progressive metal or even power metal with amazing vocals, clever song structures, and breathtaking guitar artistry is an essential part of your playlist; you need to go deep on Divine Ascension. Melbourne consistently produces high-quality metal of all genres and this band illustrates this for this genre very clearly.
So when we had the chance to chat with the guitar wizard that is Karl from the band, we had no hesitation to uncover the details of this band as they embark on their tour of recent crackerjack of an album The Uncovering. 
Divine Ascension Interview:
1-You have been kicking since 2007 could give me a brief history of your band, the meaning of the band name and what releases you have?
We have actually been a band a little longer than 2007.  The band formed in the years leading up to 2007 when we recorded and released our first demo.  I was actually the final member to jo…

Post-punk wickedness of TV Cult-Demo review.

Post-punk wickedness of TV Cult-Demo review.TV Cult is a brutally basic, yet modern punk group from Cologne, Germany. Their raw music style deliberately rejects perfection as well as a lot of superfluous bullshit.
This bio is so on point and it is quite simply the best punk demo I have heard in ages. Think the best quality post-punk/garage punk and not that lame trendy bullshit "where it's so awesome to be retro maaaan", let's dress like it's 1982 but make utter dull music etc, etc. Nope, Tv Cult rule in these three classic tunes.
Reminds me of Melbourne's own Eddy Current Suppression Ring mixed with Radio Birdman or Jay Reatard. Yes, that great. Opener Dark 80's Fantasy is phenomenal, catchy, riffs that are crunchy as and brilliant vocal gymnastics. Plus wicked 80's referenced lyrics. You will play this track over, and over and over. 100%. Second track Elon's Blood Boy continues the vibe, but branches out somewhat different it being less of a barns…