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Kabal-S/T EP review

Straight out of Europe Peter from 1054 Records has dropped this total landmine of an EP by the heavy as hell Kabal.

KABAL are a 3 Piece band founded in 2017 by Italian friends Matteo Bazzanella on vocals and Max Santarelli handling guitars/bass & backing vocals. With both guys coming from the brutal death metal /slam scene with Matteo fronting Indecent Excision and Max with Vomit The Soul they formed KABAL with the intent to create brutally heavy metallic hardcore with plenty of groove & dark urban vibes. Add in German drummer Basti Ma, also of powerhouse outfit Carnal Decay & this trio are primed to deliver some seriously heavy stuff !!!

In the summer of 2018, KABAL recorded their debut self-titled EP consisting of 6 crushing tracks which will be co-released on March 1st, 2019 by Rising Nemesis Records (Germany) & 10-54 (Australia), It is a seriously heavy EP that sits perfectly between many genres for all fans of Death Metal, Hardcore, and Slam. It is not subtle …

Damaged Cases Motorhead Tribute Album review

Cover or tribute albums are usually pretty damn terrible. TBH I can hardly recall one that wasn't dreadful or plain embarrassing. Luckily the mighty Upstate Records have made the case for an album Lemmy would truly endorse.

What makes it solid is the array of genuine, hardworking bands that deliver covers with the legit respect that Motorhead are rightfully due. Sheer Terror, Street Dogs, and Brick by Brick are the most well known here but the other bands deliver in spades (was that the ace of spades...LOL!).

Australia even gets repped by the street punk hooligans RUST from Sydney....Oi! Oi!.

It's entertaining as fuck and is on point with the punk meets metal feel that Motorhead made us so addicted to. All in All, a booze-soaked album of fun and chaos.

Best tracks: Sheer Terror's I Got Mine because Paul is such a legendary mess and it packs the most punch, followed by Brick by Brick's outstandingly heavy version of Iron Fist and then both Street Dogs punk as fuck vers…

Brick By Brick- Hive Mentality Review

If you put the heaviest of Hardcore and Thrash Metal in a blender, you would get the elite album that is Brick By Brick's Hive Mentality. It delivers so well because it really showcases how things should be done in a modern hardcore album. Well written, catchy as fuck and never dull.

Born out of Troy, NY’s infamous hardcore scene, BRICK BY BRICK - Mike Valente (Guitars), Andy Parsons (Bass), Ray Mazzola (Vocals, ex-Full Blown Chaos), and James Muller (Drums) - have relentlessly cultivated their reputation as a staple force of hybrid hardcore metal. Solidifying and reviving their sound in recent years with the addition of Mazzola on vocals, the band’s perspective is fresh with formidable intent. Produced by Jason Bourdeau, the album was recorded at Overit Media in Albany NY, with mastering by legendary Alan Douches of West West Side Music.
The band is masters at their craft, but Ray (ex-Full Blown Chaos) has really lifted the band to the top of their game with his abrasive vocal d…

Voivod 35th Anniversary Tour Melbourne gig

Voivod 35th Anniversary Tour Melbourne gig reviewed by Mark Jenkins.

To say this writer has been waiting for this gig in anticipation is a massive understatement. I have loved this band for ages and always enjoyed their masterful craft. Reinventing their sound, but always remaining Voivod.

Unfortunately, I missed the support acts due to family commitments, but my colleagues told me particularly that In Malices Wake were exceptionally well received.

Now on to the space punk metal gods. An eager crowd applauded Voivod who with an apt futuristic sample burst into Post Society, followed by Ravenous Medicine; that's one heck of a set starter. This band is exceptionally well skilled and balanced in their performance, each member plays a clear role, but the teamwork and camaraderie shine so damn brightly.  They have the tunes, the skills and they don't take themselves too seriously. The jokes and laughs they provide were excellent as most bands of this age exhibit enough arrogance …