Archspire interview by Mark Jenkins.

Interview with Spencer Prewett of the Canadian tech death masters, Archspire who are touring Australia for the first time as part of an incredible tour with Psycroptic and Hadal Maw in August. Their last album, Relentless Mutation was an absolute pure tech death masterclass.Great chat and really looking forward to the intense live shows.

MJ-Hello Spencer, how are things going bud? Are you stoked to be visiting our country for the first time?

SP-Things are going great man, we are currently on a brief break back home, before a national tour before heading down under. Man, we are excited to be heading your way with our good friends, Psycroptic. It's going to be a fantastic tour as well as a nice chance to see some of your country.

MJ-What drew, you to metal and why do you find it such a rewarding genre of music for you as a band?

SP-Excellent question man, I think it was like many I had a brother who introduced me to heavy music and it just escalates to a heavier genre/artist with that progression. One minute it's Sabbath and Metallica, then grindcore, death metal and so on and on.

MJ-It's funny how what we initially find heavy is surpassed by the next artist, like initially Morbid angel seems the most hectic, then you hear Napalm Death etc.

SP-So true, it just gets more extreme and heavier. I just love extreme music as a musician and a big fan. It's unbeatable.

MJ-Devil's Horns firmly believes that music and art is the best crossover in the universe, how does that work for you as a band?

SP-you mean the art of the music or the cover art etc?

MJ- well both really but as masters of tech death, you are craftsmen!

SP-Wow, thanks man. We are heavily into what we do, and we hope everything we do; be it live shows or releases show that we are passionate and it's our biggest love, no doubt.

MJ-Live how does your music translate?

SP-well we certainly hope that it is as accurate and exactly like the albums we put out. We practise hard and have the commitment to make it a brutal and extreme show, whilst giving it all live.

MJ-It certainly seems that way from the YouTube footage I've seen. You jumped to a later question I had, do you have any fitness or band regimes to ensure you are prepared for the pure onslaught you guys produce both live and in the studio.

SP- as I said, we practice regularly almost like any athlete, we try to look after ourselves between shows and smash out hopefully some killer performances as accurate as the albums.

MJ-What are the highlights for you as a band so far?

SP-Well man, just the cool thing that is to travel all over the world, play on some amazing line-ups and the amazing response we get from countries we haven't even played to yet. It’s overwhelming and humbling.

MJ- when I interviewed Travis from Cattle Decap. he said the same, it's amazing to play all over the globe, especially with extreme music.

SP-I must agree and man, we had no sense of how much interest we would get from Australia, yes, we know the Psycroptic dudes, but your country is all over us and our releases.

MJ-100% man, Australia knows their metal very well, whatever the genres or subgenre, expect some big responses for your tour.

SP-That's fucking cool.

MJ-Any final words or messages my man?

SP-No just thanks for all your support and we can't wait to play these shows and drink your beer, I hear both amazing things about your beautiful country and your beer.

MJ-Great combo bro!!! See you soon

SP- Absolutely come up, say hello and have a beer with us!

MJ-You got it and thanks for the interview.