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The Ramshackle Army-Highflyer EP review. Celtic punk magnificence.

Luke Yeoward-Marigold Avenue album review. Pure old school reggae/rocksteady joy!.

Cosmic Psychos-Mountain of Piss album review.

Devastating Light EP review and interview.

Amenra-De Doorn album review. This album is exceptionally necessary and will stay with you for an eternity.

Orbyssmal-Execration album review. FFO: Extreme, experimental black metal noise.

Crypt Crawler-Future Usurper album review. FFO: Seismic Death Metal Perfection.

The Owen Guns - Electric Boogaloo EP Review. FFO: Old school punk at its finest!!.

Seum-Winterized album review. FFO: original, nasty and epic sludge from hell!!.

Countime-No Apologies No Regrets Album review...Aggro Hoodcore at it's finest!!!

Eternal Struggle-Year of The Gun album review. FFO: Epic, crushing and classic hardcore.

Burial Pit-Suburban Scum album review.

Burning Witches-The Witch Of The North album review.

Demons-Privation album review.

Go Ahead and Die-S/T album review and Interview.

Locked In-The Solemn Leap EP review. Raging Italian Hardcore with power.

Black Rheno new awesome track(plus video/tour) and interview with Nano.

Van Diemen-Self Titled album review. Metal as hell and catchy tunes!!!

Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin unveil the video for Mater Suspiriorum and it's freaking awesome!!!!.