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Brace for Impact-Cogitate album. FFO: Killer Aggressive Hardcore with some ripping metallic tone/beatdown vibes.

Nicolas Cage Fighter – The Bones That Grew From Pain album review. FFO: Thrashy, Death Metal/Hardcore with perfect delivery. Yet another album of the year that is Australian.

The Dying Song & Dying A Little Inside: A Slipknot Single & Video Analysis By M H Thomson.

Antarctic Winds, Abandoned Cars and an Aluminum Monster: A Gonzo Gig Review by M H Thomson

Amon Amarth interview with Ted (Bass) on their new album, touring, and more! Get your Viking on!.

Too Gross-Better Late Than Dead album. FFO: Tough as Nails Old School Hardcore.

Ghostsmoker-Grief Ep review. FFO: Bleak and Gritty blackened doom.

Outright-Keep You Warm album review. FFO Amazing modern and intelligent Metallic Hardcore.

Wretch-Survival of the Rotten album review. FFO: Abrasive grind/hardcore/death metal.

Remains-Grind 'til Death album review and interview with the legendary Tone Bone. FFO: Dynamic and crushing Grind....argh!!!!!!.

Dark Mofo 2022 review. Behold the Darkness, for it is great!!. Kim Gordon, Borderlands 1, Triumph of Death, Spiritualized and Cate Le Bon.