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No Coffin-All Life Must End EP review. FFO: Hardcore, Metal and Dirty fkn Groove.

Kartosoewirjo?-Mandi Darah Saudara Sendiri EP review. FFO: Chaotic Mathcore/Hardcore: Converge, Mr. Bungle.

Primal Age-Masked album review. FFO: Metal influenced Hardcore-Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, All Out War.

Latest God-S/T EP review. FFO: Classic Hardcore.

Dee Snider-Leave a Scar album review. FFO:Metal, Heavy Metal and more Metal.

Jalang-Santau album review. FFO: Nausea/Antischism; i.e. Raging crust that is surprisingly catchy and epic!.

Desecrator-Summoning album review. FFO: Proper old school metal!!!.

Yersin-Guilt album review. FFO: Amazingly Brutal and Hectic Hardcore that drips in Blackened Grind/Crust/Thrash.

The Amenta-Solipschism EP review. FFO: Intelligent, Warped and Merciless Metal Magnificence.

12Gauge Rampage-Unleash the Rage album review. FFO: Brutal Slam and DeathGrind insanity.

Entertain the Terror-Love Your Hangman EP review. FFO: Blazingly grim death metal influenced hardcore.

Beleth-Silent Genesis album review. FF0: Hectic Deathmetal with groove.