Choof-Demo EP. FFO: Raging and crazed hardcore/PV/Grind/Fastcore-All the good stuff!!


Choof-Demo EP. FFO: Raging and crazed hardcore/PV/Grind/Fast-core-All the good stuff!!

This is a wild debut-they may call it a demo, but this is a serious EP despite going by in a blink of an eye. I am not familiar with the other players in the band, but Jake always does some insane bands that border on pure mayhem and Choof is no exception. Choof is a raging, hectic as hell kinda sludgy but mostly power violence meets fastcore with some definite grind/hardcore stylings. It is tangential and damn psychotic. the mix of styles works so well because the unhinged shit drifts off into almost Mr Bungle greatness and a huge love of metal. The riffs are monstrous, and the drums/bass were epic. Whilst the release is brief, these fuckers cram so much into each track and this shows their pretty amazing songwriting skills. What I love the most about this release, is it really dwells in the realms of obscure 7 inch EP's of deranged powerviolence and real cult hardcore bands that you hear and your jaw literally drops off. The production suits the genre perfectly and it is as much a dirty sound whilst being super balanced and dynamic. 

This release only has five tracks, but definitely hints at a solid as fuck full album. I am yet to see this unit live, but as with any of Jake's bands, you know this will be a wild show that is right in your face. 

Fave tracks: as an old hardcore dude my choices are kind of obvious as much as I adore this whole bunch of lunatic anthems, but AA starts off as flat knacker power violence perfection, then changes to sick groove-driven sludge fest change midway through to completely slaughter the listener. Forlorn Hope is a massive closing track that comes across as if Siege or Infest had a baby with Eyehategod and it's as deranged as expected; but not just because it's chaotic, it's also clever and an utter ripsnorter.

This band fucking rules and this demo is a wicked mix of cerebral and psychotic musical warfare.
Support this great band.

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Demo is out soon, hit the band up for a cassette on their tour that starts this weekend or when the bastards are sober enough hopefully they will pop this on their Bandcamp:


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