Worst-Deserto album review by Mark Jenkins.
Worst, who you may know by their splendid 7 inch split Ep with Aussie hardcore heavy-hitters Rust Proof; are a total Brazilian hardcore institution and they deliver the solid goods here with their astonishing 4th album; Deserto. And by far their best album yet.

Everything seems to have lifted a few levels higher than their already impressive catalogue so far. Opener  "Left for Shit"is a unmitigated fragment grenade of a track. Captivating and crushing hardcore aims to place you directly in the cage for a one round knockout. Worst have such a concrete sound for a four piece; but then again Fernando is one of the best drummers in the biz; just check his cv: First Blood and Paura. His pinpoint atomic accuracy and mind-boggling heavy hitting drives this band forward on every release. That said the epic bass backup is in perfect unison with guitar wizardry that thrusts the songs deep in your skull. Thiago provides what this writer craves in hardcore vocals; well placed gravelly tone with shattering depth.

"Lost", "Left for Shit" and "Cultural Disease" gets the gold metal here, but we are picking lemons over limes here people. It's a more than substantial album that defines what modern hardcore is.

5/5 pints of cacha├ža. Hardcore doesn't need to be predictable and dull, this album displays a vulgar display of greatness throughout.

 watch this:

This raging album drops Sept. 7th.