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Fantastic interview with Jay Weinberg on the eve of Infectious Grooves tour by Mark J.

Machine Head and Fear Factory- Gig Review Melb 14/6/24. Sensational Metal show in everyway.

X's for Eyes-In Horrid Waves album review by Mark J. FFO: Wild, insane and frankly mindblowing extreme metal/noise/industrial chaos.

Aborted-Vault of Horror album review by Mark J. FFO: Guts in a blender type metal brilliance.

Morphine-Dysphoria 2.FFO: Crushing DSBM, intense and grim.

Suldusk-Anthesis. FFO: dark, emotive doomy folk and black metal glory!

Ministry-HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES album review. FFO:Industrial and rocking magic.

Eight Count- Out for Blood. FFO: Tough and gritty hardcore.

Interview with Brendan Preston of All This Filth-FFO: Hectic Industrial/Metal music, great conversation and inspiration.