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Thrash Gods Artillery (Denmark) interview

Thrash Gods Artillery (Denmark) interview. Denmark’s ARTILLERY is easily one of Europe’s earliest exponents of thrash metal, and the band’s contribution to the classic genre is difficult to ignore. Delivering a sinister array of riffs, fusing pure aggression and hyper speed with technicality and strong melodies, ARTILLERY is a full-throttle thrash inferno. Ready to attack and resonating like a hail of gunfire, this Danish quartet will leave Australian audiences stomped, crushed and battered in the pit!
If you dig real thrash metal and scintillating vocals and face-ripping riffs, you must ahead one of these upcoming shows as Artillery is finally on our shores for the first time.
We were lucky enough to interview this metal institution and if you don't know the albums, dig deep and have a read, this is pure metal greatness.

Artillery (Denmark) Interview.
1-It's 2020 and Artillery are still as relevant as when your crushing debut Fear of Tomorrow dropped in 1985, what drives you a…

Deathrow-Left to Rot EP review.

Deathrow-Left to Rot EP review. Music fans are too quick to underestimate the relevance of Beatdown hardcore. Whilst certain European bands excel in producing lame versions of this music, Australia has some real masters of the genre. With their stupendous second release, Deathrow will make every listener shout "WTF, this band is so heavy and skilled at this style". Yeah boy, prepare your face to get caved in, this release is H-E-C-T-I-C and incredible.
This Queensland four-piece weapon is a heavy as fuck hardcore band with strong beatdown/slam and even death metal influences. Basically like No Zodiac on steroids crossed with Bulldoze/Grimlock. Pace is never too fast, because it's all about the heavy tone, be it vocals/guitar/bass or drums. Heavy, gritty, nasty, abrasive as hell.
The band's confidence seems to have soared since their brilliant 2018 demo-Malicious Intent. No massive style changes, but with much-improved production and playing, all seems more refined, …

Inner Turmoil-Trapped at Birth EP review.

Inner Turmoil-Trapped at Birth EP review. As previously mentioned 1054 records are really hitting their straps in terms of releases and uncovering amazingly solid artists. 
Inner Turmoil is a fantastic example of this, with this great EP that dropped digitally late Dec and on cd from today.
Inner Turmoil is a quintet hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Located in Central Pennsylvania, which is not typically known for its heavy-hitting presence in hardcore, they are aiming to change that. Based in the Capital City of Pennsylvania and playing out of state they often get asked: “Is that near Philly or Pittsburgh.” Unfortunately, it isn’t near either, and traveling to play shows is a very normal occurrence for the band. They have brought a lot of bands to their area and are trying to build up Central PA’s Hardcore scene. Though they have only been playing shows from 2019 they have already shared the stage with bands like Integrity, In Cold Blood, Departed, Gloves Off, and Dissent.…

Corrosion of Conformity interview with Woody.

Corrosion of Conformity interview with Woody. C.O.C is an absolute musical institution across multiple heavy music genres. For 30+ years, both their phenomenal albums and killer live performances have dictated their absolute necessity to all metal fans worldwide. 2018's amazing No Cross, No Crown proved time and age has not slowed this sensational band at all with its killer tracks from start to finish. This February we are lucky to have them back on our shores with their classic lineup and they will blow your eardrums with their unique sludge metal attack.
We were privileged to chat with Woody, who has been with the band since inception and we chatted about what drives the band, their love for music and why this band is still immensely popular as evidenced by their never-ending tour schedules.
As a long term fan of the band since their massively influential debut album Eye for an Eye, I was rapt to chat with one of my musical icons and Woody was an absolutely great guy to chat w…