Palm-To Live is to Die,To die is to Live album review by Mark Jenkins.

This zine hates lame, non passionate and soulless bands. That's why this writer has always held in reverence Palm from Japan.Nasty abrasive and off it's head hardcore with some crust and metal influences.

Yes, solid and brutal as.

This album is massively riff heavy, but amazingly experimental at times. There are times when the things go chaotic and erratic; and that's when you will keep hitting repeat on most tracks. Tons of "wtf???" or "did you hear that riff, FFS!!!". Much of the album is like Converge vs G.I.S.M. in a tornado. But then you also have some moments where the riffs are like classic Integrity, Cancer Bats or Pig Destroyer albums.

The tracks come in thick and fast before you have time to take even a remote breath. But there is enough deviation and variety to hold your interest; whether it's doom metal one section of a song to a frantic grindcoreish moment.

The whole album is a highlight, no weakness here at all and this writer loved the flow between stellar opening and closing tracks. Plus the production is the best the writer has heard all year.

Definitely an album to be explored as a whole audio statement, rather than it's vibrant parts; but even then it's sensationally incredible.

5/5 worn out repeat buttons because you will have this on your mind and in your ears for months.

It's out today, buy and listen to it asap.

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