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Svalbard's Liam Phelan as interviewed by Mark J. An absolutely brilliant band and touring in May.

Chaos, Kayaking and a Quartered Camaraderie, A Russian Circles Gig Review (10.2.2024): By M H Thomson & Mark J.

Grimdark Prophecies By Fury-X album review by Mark J. FFO: Old school Crust/death metal.

Album review: All This Filth-Tomorrow will be Better? By Mark J. FFO: Crushing Industrial/Groove Metal.

Mushroom Giant interview pre-Russian Circles tour this week. FFO: Splendid Prog Post-Rock/Metal. By Mark J.

Doomsday Still Bleeds Red by Encierro. Reviewed by Mark J. FFO: Uncompromising and savage Neo-crust.