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Distorta-A Devil in the Dust EP as reviewed by Mark Jenkins. A crushing metal powerhouse, all riffs and aggression, no bullshit.

Mark Jenkins' review of the album Abyss of a Light Planet by Praïm Faya showcases an incredible blend of metalcore, hardcore, and post-metal.

Gig review: The Exploited brilliantly kicked off their Oz/NZ tour @Barwon Club, Geelong 9/11/2023 By Mark Jenkins.

Adversity, Phoenixes and Potential Driving Music, A Naugrim Review: By M H Thomson

Black Metal, Stolen Wardrobes & Plastic Buckets, An Escarion Review (Video/Single)

New(ish) Releases: The Amenta,Suffocation, Go Ahead and Die, Starving Millions, and Aeons Abyss. All are exceptionally fucking awesome, reviewed by Mark J.


Interview with Ricky from Suffocation. Killer chat about the new album and all things Suffocation.

Interview with Wattie from punk hardcore legends The Exploited.

An outstanding Interview with Paul from Vicious Circle By Mark Jenkins on the eve of their album launch for Split This Open.