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Morphine-Exogenous EP. FFO: Raw, soul tearing black metal.

Brick by Brick- Dismal Existence album review. FFO: Heavy, weighty metallic hardcore.

Choof-Demo EP. FFO: Raging and crazed hardcore/PV/Grind/Fastcore-All the good stuff!!

Protospasm-Unreachable Summit Album review. FFO: Dynamic, killer riff heavy classic hardcore.

Venom Prison-Erebos album. FFO: Incredible, Intelligent but Acidic and Cathartic Death Metal/Metallic Hardcore.

Hornography Perth Metal Sampler #2 Review. FFO: The love of metal!!!

Vinterdracul-The Murnau Nocturnes album review. FFO: Exhilarating, dramatic and frankly genius metal.

Wounded Knee-S/T EP review. FFO: Metallic Hardcore with truckloads of Groove and strong Beatdown attack!.