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And finally (Apologies as this writer had a whole Macbook become dead, followed by a complete hard drive . Insert angry and sad emojis etc) here is the crazy belated Part 4 of my Dark Mofo review-Act 4 Ashes of the wake; various musings and salutations.

-Fantastic halls of eclectic booze and other beverages aiming to delight your liver and mind. Sheer visual delight with a splendid visual atmosphere in truckloads.
-The writer partook in warm toddies and incredible sushi from the sushi master; Masaaki which absolutely blew my mind same as fantastic fish broth and other culinary masterpieces.  There was so much choice and this was beyond the standard festival fare. The key is pure food artisanship.

-The atmosphere was incredible; inside was charming but the whole outside area was heartwarming and comforting. Fire was a huge theme; be it in a 44-gallon drum or small bonfires and even water sculptures with fire floating over the top; creative as all hell. Pure alluring charm…
Hold the Crown-S/T album reviewed by Mark Jenkins. If you haven't experienced the joys of the H8000 Belgium hardcore scene; please take the time. It was a really productive period of the 90's where in Belgium, intensely aggressive and many metal influenced hardcore bands were created and bands like Congress, Regression, Spirit of Youth and my personal fave; Deformity (abrasive hardcore mixed with death/grind) really exhibited the brilliance of one passionate and angry region. Labels like GoodLifeRecordings released stellar albums and the diversity in one scene was and is very individual (in the best possible way) to this geographical hotspot and it's now in its third conquering wave.

Hold the Crown epitomize this sound and showcase the peaks of H8000 with an incredibly modern lens. Many critics are too quick with the throwaway NYHC labels easily thrown at this band. This writer suggests there is more of a Cleveland sound underpinning this band mixed with death metal. The…
Aborted- Terrorvision reviewed by Mark Jenkins.
You ready for a face melt even more gruesome than the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark scene. Well your moment has arrived, the glorious Terrorvision surpasses all expectations.It's a hectic, abrasive tour de death metal.

This writer couldn't believe they could remotely improve on Retrogore. It leaves it for dead and that for me was a deadset gory death metal classic. The pace is beyond frantic and is pure insanity with mind-blowing skillsets by all involved. The production is so brillantly balanced and punchy; it sounds exceptional on even stock standard audio equipment.

Exquisite Covinus Drama" sums up the release so exquisite beauty of this album. Warped flow, grimness yet warmth from amazing riffs and pure crazed sidetracked journeys in each track. Definitely more deathgrind than other releases, but with blastbeat madness."Älturo Inferno"" does the same, yet in a completely different manner. Fucking extrao…
The Black Dahlia Murder interview with Trevor by Mark Jenkins. TBDM, pure metal legends and if you are late to the party; dig deep, because this is an amazingly creative band with a solid discography; particularly Noctural (2007) and Nightbringers (2017, and easily one of the best albums of last year!!!) as the pinnacle of their career. I had the chance to have a chatter with the fucking legend that is Trevor and to be honest i could have chatted to the bloke for 2 more hours, certified top guy and insightful as fuck.

It was a fantastic interview and you really need to check out their sensational tour this month with Aborted (and killer local supports) who I also interviewed recently. Make the effort and your head and soul will be crushed.

watch this:

buy Nightbringers and catch this epic tour!