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Backhand-Gentrification is Genocide EP/Demo. FFO: Killer political and awesome hardcore punk.

Irreparable-Complete Emptiness EP. FFO: Extremely well crafted and grim gothic/darkwave/black metal brilliance.

Album reviews: Aglo, Threat, Inner Light, Northwalk. FFO: Death-Doom, Hardcore, Metalcore and more Hardcore.

Choof-Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation EP and Interview with Jake. FFO: Unrelenting PV/Grind and Chaos!.

BulletBelt Reviews by Devil's Horns Zine (Mark J). :Illmatic, Piss Mouth, Halo of Teeth , K5 and Lava.

Maximum Strength-Quantified Self review by Mark Jenkins. FFO: Moody, deep death industrial glory!!!.