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The Transience Of Flesh - Descend to Acheron EP review and interview.

The Transience Of Flesh by Descend to Acheron EP review. Often this writer crosses his fingers and hopes that the music matches the brutal cover artwork. 100% it does in this case. Descend to Acheron is a brutal OSDM band from Adelaide who has dropped a skull shattering gem in the form of this 6 track masterpiece. 
FFO: Nasty, brutal, and dynamic Death metal that takes no prisoners. Riffs are in an absolute amphetamine race with the drums and pure gory and caustic driven vocals of the highest order. This EP simply does not fuck about, whether it's the guitars, the rhythm section, or vocals; they all seem to entice you into what's coming up next. And the length of the EP is super appealing because each track is short and sweet like a hammer to your face. The bloodied frenzy of these EP doesn't let up and each track attempts to outdo the crazy tones of the previous. It definitely is very OSDM influenced, there is some strong technical prowess but the key here is overwhelmin…

Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review.

Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review. FFO: Melodic, catchy, and rad peak-era Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph punk/hardcore gold!.
For a band that hasn't even been kicking for a full year, this three-piece melodic punk ensemble has done a lot in a small time. Like: played some killer gigs locally, as well as solid festival lineups and an interstate tour. And put out both a sensational debut EP and just recently released this solid as fuck album, Mid 20's. Not bad, no sir you got it way wrong, these guys are killing it. And again, I give my repeated sermon that 2020 is an awesome year for Australian music. Black Monroe is the torchbearer for melodic punk rock. These guys have the potential to be as huge as Bodyjar or Frenzal Rhomb, why because they know how to write epic, catchy anthems with amazing vocals, and songs that hit the spot every time. This improves on the foundation that was present on their debut EP, but moves more towards a heavier and most accomplished sound that echo…

ILS-Curse album review.

ILS-Curse album review. FFO: Sludgy, dirty, noisy punk/metal/garage tunes that will rock your world!.
This epic band from Portland is really what the world damn needs atm. No correction, absolutely anytime. The overall sound is made up of multiple genres, but their sound is utterly original and harks back to a time when independent bands produced sensationally diverse albums that weren't trend-driven. Over the last decade, we have seen the sharp rise of copycat bands that may be influenced by the greats, but frankly don't cut the mustard for long term repeated plays of their dull releases. And this goes for hardcore, metal, sludge, and mainstream music equally. Moving back to our loud and obnoxiously creative gods, ILS we can feel comfortable knowing that the mantle of music that rocks is in very safe hands. Curse is a damn special release, it combines sheer aggro with songs that are so well written-like catchy as fuck. There is a constant groove and rhymic tone that just gra…

Ligeia Wept-A Funeral of Innocence album review.

Ligeia Wept-A Funeral of Innocence album review. FFO: Melodramatic, gloomy, and almost symphonic doom.
Like a broken record, I keep stating how epic 2020 has been for Australian music, we just set the standard so damn high. This genre I definitely normally find over the top and too theatrical for my own tastes, but the opus that is A Funeral of Innocence will tickle the fancy of the most discerning metal fan. Ligeia Wept is a band that is almost a collective of creative metal wizards who reside in Melbourne and come together to provide 6 tracks of mesmerizing gothic-tinged metal. It has well thought out lyrics/song structure and the secret to this stellar release is not only the epic skill of each player but the story and atmosphere created by each track and how well the whole album flows like a scintillating dark thriller. The balance of each instrument and vocal is so well placed in every track, it is like a perfect script for moody and grim metal with a touch of theatre. And that …

Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review.

Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review. FFO: Deep toned and psychotic doom metal.
Again like a record I keep flipping over for its greatness, I will repeat 2020 is a fantastic year for heavy music. Warrior Pope is an incredible experimental doom metal act from Bristol that is exceptionally original and damn great at the sonic madness they are creating. This is their first album with vocals and to my ears, it certainly adds an increased layer of aggression. The vocals are somewhere between Deafheaven's vocal style and also head nods to Sabbath and Mayhem equally. The 7 track album is so solid because it just flows so damn well, indeed all musicians are terribly masterful in their individual acts, but it just sounds like a tight band. This is the difference between a good and a great album. It's a grim album, exceptionally dark and morbid as fuck; yet dynamic as hell. They are tagged as amplifier worship, how apt a tag. Guitars rip right through you on every track same as the …

Impostomb by Orbyssmal album review.

Impostomb by Orbyssmal album review. Raw, harsh and gritty. I fucking love this release, basic gravelly blackened death/black metal that reminds you of killer bands that take your breath away, no polished bullshit just nasty metal. And whilst the fantastic graveyard tone of the guitar and sonic bass dominates the sound of this band, the crazed and whisper-like demonic vox lift the overall insanity to demented perfection. It's ugly and leaves a stain on your ears and brain. That is rare as fuck these days, way too much focus on achieving a certain sound and meeting the needs of a wanker market. This is just underground evil personified. Six tracks of off the chain metal that takes no prisoners.  Highlight:Odium....perfect brutality.
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Ghosts In Gold-Glorious Illumination album review.

Ghosts In Gold-Glorious Illumination album review. Eerie, Brutal and atmospheric. Ghosts in Gold deliver this astonishingly heavy and dynamic debut release. The riff work and song structure echo the finest of both classic and modern extreme metal. The band describes the goal of this album was to make oppressive and cripplingly heavy music. Full objective completed. It's moody as hell, but so, so colorfully hideous in it's crushing effect. The problem with some black metal is it's over the top in a c-grade horror style, which hardly brings long term appeal. This is a high level craft to make all the songs fit together, have their own identity, and remind you why extreme metal is so damn worth the listen. The production was grim and dynamic, the low end literally rattling your bones to dust. And thankfully the recording wasn't that lo-fi bullshit that to me makes most early black metal unpalatable. The six tracks that make up this gripping album are all killer, never an…

Chaos over Cosmos-The Ultimate Multiverse album review.

Chaos over Cosmos-The Ultimate Multiverse album review. Moody, heavy and epic. Chaos over Cosmos is definitely not my usual type of band I choose to listen to, because I generally don't dig much metalcore, technical or prog. type of music. But it was damn surprisingly enjoyable. The guitar playing was outstanding, song structure intelligent as fuck, and a perfect mix of old and new metal. Indeed there were some cheesy keyboards and some clean vocals, but it was constructed in such a way that you not only have to give this notable credit for the artistry but as an album it rocks hard. Heavy and catchy in all the right places. Never boring and for a project between two nations-Australia and Poland, it's damn decent.
Bio: Chaos Over Cosmos is a progressive metal online collaborative project originally created by Rafal Bowman and Javier Calderón in the year of 2017. Two musicians who had never met each other and decided that being countries apart couldn’t stop them from making mu…

R U N-For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet EP review.

R U N-For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet EP review. Bone-crushing, intelligent and emotive as hell. It may be a weighty call, but Australian extreme music is leaving the world for dead atm. I think the majority of overseas artists are utterly piss-weak compared to the phenomenal releases we are putting out in 2020. R U N personifies this type of world-beating class act. This gargantuan-like project is constructed by two local geniuses and defining it seems puerile at best. The overall gut-wrenchingly heavy sound simply reflects the volumes of deep effort and vivid skill excised here on this scintillating Ep. Musically it sits in a morose and dark corridor of post-hardcore, deathcore, and various blends of extreme metal, but it is blazingly original. Not only is the production the type that makes you want to shout "why the fuck aren't all albums made to sound this genuinely sonic and pulverizing", but you also gasp at how five tracks can be so focused and wi…

Abramelin interview with Simon and Matt...Brutal!!!

Abramelin interview with Simon and Matt...Brutal!!! Anyone that is worth their extreme musical merit knows that Abramelin's new album Never Enough Snuff is without a doubt one of the albums of the year. We reviewed it last week and it's fair to say it just gets better with each listen. This writer actually challenges anyone to pick out any faults with this release. Flawless extreme metal perfection. Go on, I dare you to find anything wrong with this album. Threats and facts aside, we were stoked to chat with these metal warlords about this album and their return to the live and recording front. As expected these guys were extremely down to earth, full of both humor and wisdom. I have to say I appreciate when bands take the time and effort to answer questions we poke at them in our interviews; too many bands give you the stereotypical bullshit lame answers that no one really gives two shits about. Not this band, respect to these blokes!!!. Like most extreme music fans, I am ab…

Abramelin-Never Enough Snuff album review.

Abramelin-Never Enough Snuff album review. Unrestrained, crushing no fucking nonsense old school death metal. Never enough snuff is a definite contender for metal album of the year on most critics lists. And this is the band's first album in 20 years and as seen at last year's Direct Underground Fest in Melbourne, they held the crowd in their hand and were the most talked about band of the night, no not the international's but Melbourne's own Abramelin.
FFO Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary, Entombed, Napalm Death, but the peak eras of all these bands. This band's beginnings were the fantastic Acheron, a band that started an interest in this genre for many individuals, myself included. To me, this band and the mighty Christbait changed the musical landscape forever in Australia and both are bands I still absolutely worship. How rare is that?.

This album is an old school death metal album with modern and abrasive production that scintillates your heavy music tuned…

Umbra Vitae-Shadow of Life album review.


Daemon Pyre - Serpent Gods And A Dying Sun album review and interview with Andrew Lilley.

Daemon Pyre - Serpent Gods And A Dying Sun album review and interview with Andrew Lilley.How sad is it when a groundbreaking band decides to call it quits. Sadly Daemon Pyre is pulling the pin after 6 years, after killer tracks, awesome live shows, and now this final opus Serpent Gods And A Dying Sun. This second album is very clearly a message that the band had sheer talent in truckloads and what a banger of a release. FFO: Melodic, gripping, and nasty modern Death Metal in the vein of The Black Dahlia Murder, At The Gates, Cattle Decapitation, etc, yet completely different to all of these artists. Ten tracks of inspiring and well-written metal with heart and it is both abrasive and captivating in it's intent. There is deep vitriol from the lyrics and vocal style, but oh man if you want a smorgasbord of amazing riffs this one is both a keeper and an eye-opener. Sharp gnarly riffs and war toned drums echo with every track but give this one a decent 5-10 listens before settling on …

Black Trillium interview with Simon.

Black Trillium interview with Simon.  This dark, broodingly heavy band dropped their sensational debut album The Fatal Shore last week and you need to give it a solid listen. Every week, the depth of this release just grows with each listen. I cannot recommend this album highly enough. Fans of black metal, doom, and melodic death will worship such an innovative and trailblazing album.
I had the chance to chat with Simon from the band and we chatted about the band's beginnings, their aims for this project, the fantastic art, and the brilliant album they just dropped.
The great news is there is both a follow-up EP planned as well as a whole new album. Plus potentially a live show given how well the album has been received.  Enjoy the chat and check this band out asap!!.
Black Trillium interview with Simon.  1-Give us the history of this exceptionally skilled and deeply heavy band and also how you come up with the name?
The history of the band started with Zach and myself. We met in …

Werewolves-The Dead are Screaming album review.

Werewolves-The Dead are Screaming album review. I keep repeating myself, but 2020 will go down as a landmark year for heavy albums. And this release jumped out and ripped my head right out of my body. FFS, this is a brutal celebration of what the band even coined blackened caveman death-metal. This album is not about technical wizardry, deeply analytical lyrics or subtlety, it is hectic, aggressive metal that simply does not fuck about. The band may contain ex-members of well-respected metal faves The Bezerker and Psycroptic, but this is a beast of its own. The album sounds like OSDM on steroids. Tracks like Dogknotted and No More Heroes are the best Aussie extreme metal tunes I can recall in ages. And what I absolutely loved was the sick thrash undercurrent on many tracks. This works an absolute treat with the very Morbid Angel type extreme nature of vocals, riffs, and artillery like drums. Indeed the whole release is very in your face and dynamic. I loved this and rate this debut al…

Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi album review.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi album review. Being different is an outstanding trait and if you haven't heard of this sensational band, I encourage you to suss them out. This fantastically broad genred band from Finland is just mindblowing. Draped under a very broad cape of dark psychedelic black metal this band does some seriously warped and original music that will capture your imagination. Many songs on this album and also previous releases seem like some insane lunatic is messing with your brain as you consume an album. One minute you have some deranged horror music soundtrack that suddenly changes into raw black metal with some frightfully dynamic guitar attacks, the next is some crazy keyboard apocalypse at war with some post mathcore epileptic fit. Plus some beautiful, yet grim atmospheric post-metal that is just spellbinding. Mestarin Kynsi is a diverse, but astonishing 5th album for this band and the 6 tracks that add up to over 50 minutes of audio hysteria are epic in …

Birdcage-Wave Machine album review.

Birdcage-Wave Machine album review.
What would you do after being in some of the country's most heavy and brutal bands? it's so damn obvious you start a quality instrumental surf band. No, not that shitty and trendy Beach Boys bullshit, we are talking the real deal reverb deep addictive guitar-focused frenzy à la Dick Dale, The Ventures and Los Straightjackets. Damn, I just can't believe I hadn't heard these cats before. By all accounts, they kill it live as well. And you would seriously need ten truckloads of hot skill to deliver this type of album live. Proficient and dextrous would be the minimum to even entertain joining this outfit. Wave Machine is an accomplished hotbed of outstandingly catchy tracks that are fiercely energetic and spellbinding. This can be a soundtrack to anything from deep-focus background work music, walks in a forest to absolute boozy party time. The twangy pace certainly varies over the album, even though most songs work towards a frenzied w…

Vader-Solitude in Madness album review.

Vader-Solitude in Madness album review.If you are expecting any dilution in the sound of this Death Metal/Thrash Polish beast, you are sadly mistaken. Solitude in Madness is hectic, abrasive, and unrelenting. In our recent interview with their drummer James, although they have changed producers, it has only strengthened their resolve to produce uncompromising extreme music. Eleven tracks with enough variation to grip and entertain you. This ain't groundbreaking or new style, but basically who cares. Definite emulation of both new and old metal deities is not uncommon, but Vader does it so well whilst definitely sounding starkly original. Pace changes and ripsnorting guitar solos combined with furious and mayhemic drumming plus the deep snarling vocals make for a solid and energetically heavy album. You will not be disappointed.
Out now on Nuclear Blast
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Black Trillium-The Fatal Shore album review.

Black Trillium-The Fatal Shore album review. If you thought 2019 was a decent year for music, you can forget that; as 2020 is shaping up as a deeply sensational year in terms of phenomenal musical releases. Black Trillium is one of the artists shaping our year with the flawless and bloodthirsty opus that is The Fatal Shore.
Background: Black Trillium is a dark & deeply creative death/doom metal act from Sydney that have been brewing up raw, emotive, and incredibly dynamic sonic offerings since 2010. While it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the duo, with 2020 marking 10 years for the band. This voluminous force is a death/doom metal collaboration between Simon Skipper (guitar, vocals) and Zachary Carlsson (vocals, bass), formed from their mutual interest in the brooding aesthetics and darkest aspects of the metal genre. It is predominantly a studio-based project, but critics and fans alike will beg this to be a live band once hearing this masterpiece.
What is going to assaul…

Interview with Vader's James Stewart.

Interview with Vader's James Stewart. Brutal, pulverizing, and annihilating is how many describe the wrath of Poland's Death Metal kings, Vader. Since 1983, this is a band that take absolutely no prisoners and each release has strongly reinforced that fact. Very soon they drop their sensational new album Solitude in Madness and it is one of their finest.
We chatted with James, their drummer about the new album, the new production adventures, how the band has evolved, passion for music, and the changes in the music industry.
He had plenty to say and it's well worth your time(and let's be honest most people have excess time at the moment due to COVID-19), so throw on your headphones to get the back story before the new album drops later this week.
James is one wise and switched on musician and this album is one that will definitely surprise you with its complexity and brutality.

Album pre-order here: New Vader album

Endless Bore-Treatment Resistant album review.

Endless Bore-Treatment Resistant album review. The wait is over and Endless Bore has delivered an outstandingly chunky and corrosive sophomore release. Treatment Resistant (killer album name and art yet again) takes the original hostile formula and amps everything up in an exhilarating fashion. But the thrilling clincher is they add some remarkable elements that really define the EB sound. Opener Hostile Architecture is a case study to illustrate this, a sneaky almost bluesy portion of the track sounds like the band has necked some serious downers, and then it throws acid in your face with searing riffs and acidic raw vocals. What the band has gained is a sweetly dark sludge/doom element that works utterly in sync with the unhinged aggression of the band's core-fast, frantic hardcore with absolutely no bullshit, no bells and whistles-just truckloads of audio violence. And personally, I was absolutely smitten with their first album, so this is a treat to hear the progression in th…