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Bastard Squad-Interview with Jason and "Hate City" album review by Mark Jenkins

Bastard Squad- Without a doubt one of the most influential punk bands in Australia and for me personally, the band as a teenager that introduced me to local punk and it's community. From their first demo to the current album, they have always steered away from trends and always remained as punk as fuck. Despite endless lineup changes, this band has not only toured overseas but scored support slots for pretty much every big name punk gig in Australia. Lyrically and musically they have always remained progressive, and the current album "Hate City" is a testament to this statement.

I was proudly chuffed to interview Jason and also reviewed their current album. I honestly believe Bastard Squad are as pivotal to the Australian punk scene (as well as Vicious Circle, Tutti Parze and Warp Spasm) as Mindsnare is to Aussie Hardcore. Great to see Bastard Squad still kicking and not resting on their laurels, but rather challenging the sociopolitical impact of the modern-day landsca…

Suldusk-Lunar Falls review and Interview with Emily

Emily Highfield is a Melbourne based musician who has really captured the world’s attention with her incredible project, Suldusk and has just released the grim, but frankly enthralling dark atmospheric opus that is Lunar Falls. It is receiving such overtly positive feedback as the depth of this release easily warrants European festival appearances and more so a place in the top 10 releases of 2019.

Suldusk dips its toes in a few genres, but not as a confused participant but rather an accomplished musical artist that captures interest from neo-folk, doom, black metal and dark ambient quarters. The brooding vocals attentively hold your interest just as much as the evident masterful song structure. The well-produced mix of purposeful acoustic guitars matches the gripping evil of deep percussion and cello, this is cleverly interwoven with eerie guitar riffs. The tempo changes from drifting atmospheric bliss to overwhelming psychotic pandemonium. The writer really appreciated the clearly …

Sworn Enemy-Gamechanger album review and interview

Sworn Enemy have been kicking since 1999 and consistently on both album and performance fronts have delivered exceptional value to even the most casual listener. But Sal and the crew have never rested on their laurels and have just dropped one of the finest releases in their excellent catalogue.
Gamechanger is just that. And proves NYHC is unbeatable.

The bonus for this release is that Robb Flynn of Machine Head was the evil craftsman/producer at the desk and it literally adds a nuclear bomb depth to the war machine that is Sworn Enemy. Everything just seems to be more clearer(no not cleaner FFS), precise and ballsy whilst adding the metallic heavieness that has always been integral to the bands unique sound. There is pretty much everything you could possibly require from an essential hardcore or modern metal/thrash release here- hateful lyrics, corrosive vocals with bite, cankerous drums and bass and harsh, yet catchy riffs to drill the tune into your skull on first listen. Indeed, …

Cast Down- A Deconstruction of Self EP review

Let's be honest average hardcore bands are super common in Australia and also worldwide over the last five years. The key issue is both lack of originality and a notion to simply imitate overseas bands in the worst possible way. This is why I have loved Cast Down since they dropped their first track back in 2016. They steer away from the mundane and boring and are the most innovative hardcore/metal band in Australia.

This fantastically crafted EP dropped late last month and it drips in it's dark dynamic flow and aggression. Six tracks of unhinged industrial tinged hardcore, but metal as fuck. This crew has played with the likes of Harm's Way and No Zodiac as well as playing the Download festival last year. They deserve your attention because NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS STYLE and they crush live as well as being exceptionally down to each people.

The production is perfectly matched to the song structures which are tangential and diverse with each track. Is this a band strugg…


Rancid and frankly post Rancid releases by various members has been very hit and miss, but Lars has released this fantastic street punk release a month or so back and I dug it heaps.

I was pretty impressed about his statement about this record as well:

"I’m really excited about the new The Old Firm Casuals record cover art and music of our soon to be released record called Holger Danske. I wanna thank Tim Lehi for drawing the cover and doing such a bang up job with everything. This record is humbly dedicated to my late uncle Viggo who fought in the danish resistance group Holger Danske against the Nazis in WWII. This record is very very personal to me and the boys in the band. My mother over the years shared stories of Viggo and her time growing up in Nazi occupied Denmark. Some of them too graphic and vile to share but overwhelmingly moving none the less. Fighting Fascism of any sort is a cause I believe in and always will. It’s a family trait I guess. Do yourself a favor and r…