Thou-Magus album reviewed by Mark Jenkins. Louisania's doomy and sludgy metal warlords Thou don't do things by halves. They have always been an exceptionally experimental outfit with deep, deep claws in grim heavy tone. Magus is a highly integrated album which challenges you over it's 70 min plus length; but it most definitely is worth the glorious ride.

It overshadows their previous album Heathen, by not just continuing the demented musical vibe; but going in so many eclectic side journeys that you really have to bow down to their slow burning magic.It doesn't only simmer away, this brilliant album constructs a statuesque effigy to savor and idolize. Truly scintillating opus folks. Broad brushstrokes of black metal/hardcore/noise and even post metal ambient greatness.

Forget your concepts of what is doom and sludge metal; and whilst there is some seriously dull artists of this genre; think unique and original. Because Thou is a creative force and this album is immensely well thought out and a product of true artisans. Dark, warped audio psychosis, but with such focus it still bewilders me. Forget boring and outdated stuff like Eyehategod; this is your temple.

Get this album pronto.

5/5 straitjackets.

It is unleashed August 31st.

Watch this or die without knowledge: