Xile-I am Your God album review.

Xile-I Am Your God album review.

Beatdown and hardstyle hardcore generally annoys me; because IMHO it is generic, dull and reminds me nothing of what actual hardcore is. Bands like Xile and Honest Crooks luckily change this for me. This album may have been released a few weeks back, but it should be getting exceptional press as it is amazingly heavy and metallic. Everything is well written and forceful. When I read FFO.: NASTY, KNOCKED LOOSE, MALEVOLENCE, I was deeply concerned as Malevolence is the only band out of those three I can stand(in fact I think they are incredible) but there is none of that here. It's originally aggressive and immensely very metallic modern hardcore in the style of Fallbrawl and Desolated, but so much more gritty than both of these. Every track demands your attention and for a debut this is incredible. It's an album you will rotate heavily. New Zealand killing it as always, once this COVID-19 crap is over catch these boys live...they crush every gig!!.

(some seriously great merch and versions of the release here)