The Clinch-Basecamp album review.

The Clinch-Basecamp album review.

Ask yourself what is punk about? is it the comradery, the community, the shared ideals or the perfect landscape to be an individual. Only you can answer that, but here is the soundtrack to that ethos. What hooked me into this lifestyle was music that was energetic, honest, and hard-edged. The Clinch is one of those rare bands that absolutely kill it on stage and on the recorded format. This is perfect street-punk/Oi! with passion and skill. Like the cover art, it's ready to tip you on your arse. FFO: Blitz, Angelic Upstarts, The Business, and Cockney Rejects. This is incredible music that sounds like it was released when Garry Bushell was writing about the start of this genre, but with proper production (Jason Fuller of Goatsound). Basecamp is a right in your face classic album with amazingly well-written songs, ballzy lead vocals, and supreme gang-style backing vocals with all the gripping riffs you could ever need. 

Every song of this release is dynamic and punchy and it's for me the best and most well rounded street-punk Aussie release period. I can't figure out why, but the songwriting, the guitar tone and damn catchiness of the tunes is as awesome as classic bands like Hblock101 and Mid Youth Crisis and that's pretty damn massive boots to stand next to. But this is a solid ten pints out of ten for me. 

Just do yourself a favor and support this band, see them live when this pandemic is over and buy their merch, vinyl, etc. This is a solid and incredible band.

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