Revulsion-Enough to Bleed album review.

Revulsion-Enough to Bleed album review.

BDHW records release some rad band and some other bands I deem generic and dull. Solid dudes run the label, but for this reviewer, it's hit and miss for my ears. So I was fucking pleased as punch this month to hear a stellar release from NZ gods, Xile and these Scottish heavy masters, Revulsion. This is a high-grade hardcore band playing with shit loads of metal influences, yes there is sweet arse breakdowns, crushing vocal expertise that will raise your heartbeat to cardiac arrest mode and gritty guitar tones that shatter windows. Oh yes, my type of shit. Finally, there are bands that aren't trying to be edgy or on-trend that's right Code Orange or Knocked Loose wannabees-go and fucking die you boring, uninspiring cunts. We want heavy bands that crush and just do their jobs. Revulsion is masters at delivering brilliant, heavy hardcore with huge amounts of metal influence. Enough to bleed is an absolute beast, no weak tracks, and enough variation to place this at the top of your playlist. Check this band out asap!!!.


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