Take Offense-Tensions on High EP review by Mark J.
This five track EP promised so much with this absolute ripper cover art. I dug this EP, but at the same time got bored with it.
Again this is another case of great live band, but very flat on this recording. Strange because they have previously released some real hardcore gems.
United States of Mind was a classic album that never let up.

And yes, it is great crossover/thrash that really has an obvious Suicidal Tendencies worship mixed with crossover like Leeway and Excel. I can't pick why this EP is flat; but I lay strong blame on the average and monotone production. I have no professional audio production qualifications; but I ran it through a few audio apps and got a deeper, more engaging overall sound.

The positives are massive though, well written songs and outstanding musicianship with catchy vocals and capturing the era perfectly.

Trust was easily the standout track on this EP. I gave this release a definite 3 out of 5 skateboards.
Next release definitely needs to be better produced and more of a live feel (just check out any live video of these legends, they slay!). Then it will tick the mosh heavy dreams it is leaning towards.