DCA-Forge reviewed by Mark J.
This is great french beatdown that has unique groove and pummelling metal overtones. Their second album shows that they still kneel to a firm beatdown formula, but seek to gain wider audiences by channeling both old school hardcore and abrasive death metal vibes. It's firmly aggressive, but has decent harmony and sufficient darkness to hold this reviewer's interest for the whole album.

Do the songs vary a huge amount?; well definitely not but I view this album like a Converge album (despite no similar sounds), its a chaotic soundscape to the hellish nature of the world.

That being said, tracks like Blood Ceremony, Dead before I hit the ground and Spitfire are exceptional. They haven't hit their peak yet, but the future releases will be absolute crackers.
3.5 spin kicks out of 5.

Out on http://www.beatdownhardwear.com/ now.

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