World of Pain-No Utopia review by Mark J. California, ain't it meant to be all sunshine and happy, happy joy filled walks on the beach?. Nope. World of Pain crush that rumour very efficiently. Gloomy, harsh beatdown predominates this decent EP.

No surprises this is a BDHW release, which dropped in April, but it warrants a place on this zine. Here are seven tracks of sheer heavy beatdown hardcore that mean business.

The production is great and live I am sure these tracks would translate even better. The issue with any beatdown band is they really need to stand out from the pack, simply because like any specific genre; there is too many soundalikes.

Like DCA which I recently reviewed, the key will be how the progression occurs and the future direction. BDHW release some cracking artists, but also a ton of average artists at the same time. This is not being disrespectful, just factual.

World of Pain excel at tracks like: Apocalypse Now and Burden. These literally feel like the song is physically assaulting you with a sledgehammer. 4 out of five semi trailers running over you.

Watch this: