Northern Widows-Way of Suffering reviewed by Mark J. Straight up I will give you the heads up; this will make my top 5 albums of the year. Northern Widows are a brilliant blackened crust/hardcore band from Ohio. And they are incredible in every way possible.

Black metal, crust, doom, punk, powerviolence, atmospheric grim metal with intensity; it really doesn't matter how you define the band, because the album is a masterpiece. It reminds me of so many of my favourite bands, I literally was overwhelmed with the power of the album.

I have always enjoyed bands that sit dangerously close to musical insanity, whilst at the same moment not wasting a single note or beat. The structure and arrangements are sublime and it never loses a chance to crush your perception of what will happen next. Musical geniuses make up this band and well matched production that just amplifies the staggering force of this release.

Lyrically a sensational mix of personal topics and social commentary on the dark state of the world. The 8 tracks are so charged, the dynamic nature never paused and it was remarkably atmospheric but catchy.

Planet Earth Beaten into Submission (which was very Amebix-like!!!) and In Tides of Blood are sheer top shelf blackened gems of all time, but basically every track is astonishing. This is a clear cut 5 out of 5 black crows flying over your deathbed. And if you don't love this, get your fucking head read and ears repaired.

Available via:Head2wallrecords now!.