No Coffin-Ugly, Broke, Decayed EP review.

 No Coffin-Ugly, Broke, Decayed EP review.

FFO: Distortion, Hardcore, raw aggression.

Yes, a very untimely late review, but I encourage you to check out this awesome and nasty EP from No Coffin-what I would class as a perfect mix of thrash hardcore with growly and almost doomy vocals and real severe abrasive tone on all instruments. It's like Slayer had a deformed baby that was a result of Madball fucking early Converge, weird analogy but I'll be a foster dad to that vibe anytime. This Florida headcase band can play really fucking well, the riffs are epic and all four tracks are hooky and heavy. I dug how as the EP progressed the songs got longer. I sussed their live set on Youtube and they lift the songs even more so on the live front. I dug how they mix the best parts of raw hardcore with both thrash and crossover. This EP grows on your like some nasty sexually transmitted disease and deserves repeated plays. All tracks are heavy and amazing, they also have some rad visualiser videos for a few tracks as well. Definitely want a full album from this solid and hectic unit.

Reverse Prayer is my fave track but as a whole document the EP is sheer abrasive excellence.

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