Eos-The Great Ascension album review.


Eos-The Great Ascension album review.

FFO: Black Metal and mental unravelling music.

This nasty debut took its sweet time considering it was started some six years ago, but it is well worth it. Again Australian extreme metal is some of the world’s best and this personifies just how far we are ahead of the pack. This is harsh, old schoolish black metal that punishes the listener. The production is not quite old school, in that it is quality and not some trash can shit that old BM sounded like.

The reward to the real music fan is nasty and abrasive metal that has some Amebix-like vibes. Dark, disturbing and yet slightly hooky with the riffs. All wrapped in a pure psychotic cloak. This mysterious three-piece act, which obviously contains some well-established artists given the masterful songwriting and precise playing are as epic as the classic acts and could slay a stadium like more current bands like Behemoth. 

All seven tracks have their own unholy merits, but you will repeatedly go back to classic tracks like: Memento Mori, the opening title track and the gloriously epic Illumination and Will.

This would be insanely dark and dynamic live and I am hoping this definitely occurs in the future.

A fantastic debut of grim, heavy and crazed unhinged black metal.

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