Sick Times/Bug Attack Split LP album review. FFO: Fast paced punk/hardcore.


Sick Times/Bug Attack Split LP album review. FFO: Fast-paced punk/hardcore and raging garage punk.

This is a sick arse split album from two-way different styled bands from Germany. Sick Times is an always pacey punk band that sounds like top-shelf U.S. hardcore bands that have that solid punk ethos, but encourage drinking and moshing. The lyrics are quality and excellent sociopolitical content as well as observations on the punk community itself. Bug Attack is a one-man garage punk/noise that there is very little info about this act, but it's wild raw, garage punk stuff with bite. Both these bands have tons of releases and all are worth your time. Sick Times toured Australia a few years back and they crushed it with their blazing and dare I say total anthem hardcore/punk. This release dropped recently and tbh really showcases how much each band really dominate their styles. Sick Times start this split and give us 12 excellent tracks. As expected all have bone-crushing punk vocals, bitey and energetic riffs and fantastically sharp lyrics. And all tracks are under 2 mins, as punk should be. The wondrous thing is ST crams enough in these short tracks to make it never dull. The first three songs rip by very fast and if the sarcasm doesn't grab you the sheer energy certainly will. Every track is convincing, emotive and like prime 80's hardcore. The first three tracks really set the pace, but I also loved Get Me Out, Not This Time and Worse Than Before are my faves today, but every track is catchy and kicks arse. But just for the riffs and classic lyrical gold, the best is Punks Work Out Some More, this is blazing and funny as fuck. And as a bonus, Sick Times gives us yet another cover song and believe me they have covered some amazing tracks by excellent killer bands like Circle Jerks, Black Flag, 7 Seconds, SFA etc and here we have a brilliant cover of Kill Your Idols Falling. Next up is Bug Attack with 8 wild songs that sound like garage/DIY punk that is all fuzzy and super catchy. For a one-man band, this sounds pretty broad and full. This is like Billy Bragg on tons of beer and amphetamines, and that's fine by me. There was no lyrics and most are not in English, but I love the rawness of these eight tracks and you can tell he has been doing this for some time. My faves were Classic Rock, In der Ecke hocken and Koter. But like Sick Times, this makes you check out their previous releases and Bug Attack has great prior releases that are crunchy and hyper and full of guile/skill. The contrast between the bands is wicked and makes for a solid release. I enjoyed this release from start to finish, so check out both of these outstanding bands.

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