No Coffin-All Life Must End EP review. FFO: Hardcore, Metal and Dirty fkn Groove.


No Coffin-All Life Must End EP review. FFO: Hardcore, Metal and Dirty fkn Groove.

2020 saw the killer EP Ugly, Broke, Decayed from this crazed band drop and it was utterly raw and hectic. This seems to match the shows captured live via YouTube, just gritty, gnarly warped hardcore. This second EP will fuel your fire without any doubt.

Not only is the music, heavy as hell but the themes are as well - tying in their artwork, lyrics and music videos to create a visceral and violent aesthetic. No Coffin make dangerous music for a dangerous world, keep your head on a fucking swivel, especially if you're experiencing these guys in a moshpit.

Kicking off with their debut EP Ugly, Broke, Decayed in 2020 it was immediately obvious that the band had a knack for making brutal but groovy music, and now with the latest release All Life Must End, they've further established their misanthropic style.

This four-track EP is as epic as its predecessor and continues the multigenred style they rep hard. It most definitely stems from hardcore and goes on tangents inspired by Death Metal, Sludge and Thrash/Crossover. The riffs are big as mountains, the vocals deranged as hell and drums/bass are damn hellish in intent. The heaviness is perfectly balanced by amazing groove delivered by intelligent musicians. The three originals tracks are well produced, aggressive as fuck and energetic as hell. This band just demands you see them live. And then it has a dirty, sludgy cover of a Portishead classic track that is done exceptionally well. This band has so many skills and all we can demand is that they record a full album ASAP!. Exciting times are ahead for this band.

This killer EP drops Sept. 10 with Vinyl as well:


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