Diploid-Glorify album review.

Diploid-Glorify album review.

Music should be a richly creative construct that has depth and is not remotely throwaway. This requires specialist skillsets that draw on both life experience and the ability to transfer ideas into the chosen medium. This is why fans of extreme music (and art) have a deep connection to artists that deliver this with no bravado, just devotion, and frenzied dexterity to their craft. 

Diploid is a breathtaking three-piece band that basically does what the hell it wants to. And that is not just being D.I.Y. or punk, it's fierce and utter defiance to the filth of mainstream music. Indeed they have black metal, noise, blackgaze, grind, hardcore, and even doom influences or snippets in their works. But it is how it all comes together throughout each of their releases, in the final product both as an overwhelming live performance or an album. And deliver they do, yet again with the heartstopping and breathtaking Glorify.

Glorify is dark, fucked up, brooding, deranged music that is a journey into anger, mental collapse/frailty and anguish. One second it is grossly animated/homicidal and the next withdrawn/anhedonic. And how rare is it to hear an album that is so challenging that you struggle to take in its full effect until the fifth listen. 

And for me, that is why bands such as Converge and Dragged into Sunlight are unbeatable in terms of dedication to their art. They simply do not care where they fit in the musical puzzle and are not trying to sound like anyone else. They just do their thing and don't care if you understand or dig it. Diploid live by this creed as well. This album is 23 mins of chaotic bursts of noise infused hardcore/metal with distortion and samples and other crazed soundscapes. 15 songs of sheer audio madness with rollercoaster-like twists/turns the whole way thru. Vocals range from epic screams to growls all mixed delightfully with synth, noise and imposing drums. 

Glorify is perfect in its derailment of your senses. You can't walk away unscathed by its abstract delusions or well-placed anger. It's heavy and rewarding because you need to engage with it fully to participate in its journey. Is this Diploid's finest hour? that is irrelevant because all their staggeringly provoking albums are unrestrained in their caustic forms. The music is jarring, riff-heavy and spiteful. The vitriol expressed on this album is quite staggering and one track that personifies this is the impressive Mind Like Clouds, Yet It's Storming. This starts off as a noise war with deep grind vox and hits you for six when Mariam launches into the psychotic brilliance lyrically with I hate my stupid fucking face!!!. I can guarantee that you have never heard so much majestic madness in the wondrous 1.04 mins of this classic track.

And the sum of all the parts shines, particularly when you hear the album as two sides of a vinyl release. Again the whole release is not a bunch of musical compositions thrown together to forge an album, it is a well thought out masterpiece in every way from the ethereal artwork to the pulverizing and rasping soundscapes. Easily for this writer, my album of the year.

This fascinating release drops November 22.

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