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Thou-Magus album reviewed by Mark Jenkins. Louisania's doomy and sludgy metal warlords Thou don't do things by halves. They have always been an exceptionally experimental outfit with deep, deep claws in grim heavy tone. Magus is a highly integrated album which challenges you over it's 70 min plus length; but it most definitely is worth the glorious ride.

It overshadows their previous album Heathen, by not just continuing the demented musical vibe; but going in so many eclectic side journeys that you really have to bow down to their slow burning magic.It doesn't only simmer away, this brilliant album constructs a statuesque effigy to savor and idolize. Truly scintillating opus folks. Broad brushstrokes of black metal/hardcore/noise and even post metal ambient greatness.

Forget your concepts of what is doom and sludge metal; and whilst there is some seriously dull artists of this genre; think unique and original. Because Thou is a creative force and this album is immens…
Palm-To Live is to Die,To die is to Live album review by Mark Jenkins.

This zine hates lame, non passionate and soulless bands. That's why this writer has always held in reverence Palm from Japan.Nasty abrasive and off it's head hardcore with some crust and metal influences.

Yes, solid and brutal as.

This album is massively riff heavy, but amazingly experimental at times. There are times when the things go chaotic and erratic; and that's when you will keep hitting repeat on most tracks. Tons of "wtf???" or "did you hear that riff, FFS!!!". Much of the album is like Converge vs G.I.S.M. in a tornado. But then you also have some moments where the riffs are like classic Integrity, Cancer Bats or Pig Destroyer albums.

The tracks come in thick and fast before you have time to take even a remote breath. But there is enough deviation and variety to hold your interest; whether it's doom metal one section of a song to a frantic grindcoreish moment.

The whol…
Aborted interview with Sven, singer and all round great bloke. Aborted are touring next month as part of an incredible Nightbringers tour with The Black Dahlia Murder.

Devil's Horns were pleased to chat with the singer of such a renowned death metal such as Aborted. Take a small pocket of your time out to listen to this sensational interview.

The new album Sven speaks about "Terrorvision" is out Sept. 21st and we will review this shortly.

Here's two brutal videos of two tracks from it.
Total classic Aborted.

and the abrasive title track:

Neutron Rats-Album review and interview by Mark Jenkins.

Snotty and raw as fuck punk greatness. I present you with the awesomeness of Neutron Rats.

Interview with Neutron Rats.

1. Could you give me a brief history of your band, its name and what releases you have?

Colin: Brendan and I used to play in a project with an unceremonious demise, so after a couple years of boredom decided to slap some new shit together with this wildman on drums who had been drunking around.

Brendan: Neutron Rats started and played our first show in Albany New York in the summer of 2009 in a very hot and sweaty basement, after that we toured most of Americas states and territories (sorry Idaho and Puerto Rico!) and released several records and tapes. The name was something Colin and I came up with before we even started the band. At first we thought it sounded like a 77 rock n roll band but I think after all these years it fits us. haha

Dan: We just released a 12" LP called Primitive Past//Nuclear Future…
Worst-Deserto album review by Mark Jenkins.
Worst, who you may know by their splendid 7 inch split Ep with Aussie hardcore heavy-hitters Rust Proof; are a total Brazilian hardcore institution and they deliver the solid goods here with their astonishing 4th album; Deserto. And by far their best album yet.

Everything seems to have lifted a few levels higher than their already impressive catalogue so far. Opener  "Left for Shit"is a unmitigated fragment grenade of a track. Captivating and crushing hardcore aims to place you directly in the cage for a one round knockout. Worst have such a concrete sound for a four piece; but then again Fernando is one of the best drummers in the biz; just check his cv: First Blood and Paura. His pinpoint atomic accuracy and mind-boggling heavy hitting drives this band forward on every release. That said the epic bass backup is in perfect unison with guitar wizardry that thrusts the songs deep in your skull. Thiago provides what this writer crav…
World Demise-s/t EP reviewed by Mark Jenkins.

Okay let's hit up the bio to get the background: Featuring former members of The Mongoloids and Suburban Scum WORLD DEMISE is a virtually brand-new band, formed in April of 2017, yet they’ve already forged a name for themselves in the New Jersey scene with their metallic style of hardcore. Citing influence from the likes of Merauder, Cold As Life, Hatebreed, and Biohazard, the band delivers deep grooves and heavy riffs without going full-bore into beatdown realm or sacrificing their anthemic energy.

So if you are expecting to be smashed in the face by fierce, aggressive NYHC with a strong metallic influence, you'd be well pleased. This is damn catchy, angry as fuck with sensational backing vocals and a total non BS approach.Kinda Biohazard meets Death Threat, so classic and brilliant. No fancy stuff to see folks, but this is pit fueled violence on a plate.

It's a fantastic 7 track ep that will have you begging for more, like a…
Eisberg-Few will Remain review by Mark Jenkins.

Five years is a long break between releases for this fantastic multi-continent hardcore band; but sweet blown earphones; the wait was worth it.This is seven tracks of hardcore fucking gold my friends.

Eisberg perfect the harmony of classic straightedge hardcore with modern metallic hardcore. Solid album is a understatement.This amazing release is extremely focused and first class. Backing this up is intelligent lyrics, memorable riffs and outstanding guest vocalists from AYS, Dead Swans and Venom Prison.

This is faultless hardcore. And it reminds me of Iron Mind; one of Australia's finest NYHC inspired bands.

Highlights: The entire album.It's Moshtastic beauty.
5/5 and one of the year's best releases.

Drops Sept. 7th.

Watch this:

I am Revenge-Violencer album review by Mark Jenkins.

In a recent post, I raised a slight concern that too much generic beatdown was coming out of Europe. Thank you I am Revenge for lifting me out of this opinion. First off, what an album cover, it’s like out of late 80’s/early 90’s hardcore punk album art, so incredible. Being an ex-punk, I absolutely worshipped the lyrical content that was both topical and hard-hitting. Calling out racism and injustice should be an essential part of an artist with credibility.
Now the tunes. Ok, the definitive basis of the songs is definitely beatdown; however, I feel there is a strong dynamic based on both thrash and death metal (anyone who reads my posts knows it’s my weakness/love) and it carries the album to a higher rated place. Plus, this album reminds me of the last Crowned Kings album which absolutely floored me. Tracks like Truth or War and Self Deception are epically crushing, but catchy as hell. Decent lyrics and savage as hell production…
Relations-From Birth to Death album reviewed by Mark Jenkins.
Devil's Horns has had the pleasure of hearing some solid German releases over the last month and thankfully not the generic beatdown hardcore that often is churned out and mostly dull.

Not the case here, Relations are a sensational hardcore band with two vocalists, big arse riffs and so, so much heaviness. Listen to a tracks like "Dirty Sanchez",RIP and Resistance and you'll want a bath after the fantastic filth evident here. Nasty, gritty and equal parts L.A. Hardcore and NYHC mixed with fuckloads of death and thrash metal.

The production is heavy on deep and abrasive tone and it really is bass heavy in a sick way.The drums are really intense throughout the whole release,it's a definite highlight of their sound as well as the excellent use of the two vocalists.The style is original and the vocals mix up the hardcore and death metal style so very well.

Highlights: I can't choose between the tracks…
Peace of Mind- Penance album review by Mark Jenkins. Moshcore, Crossover or whatever: Peace of Mind are welcome in my ears anytime. Abrasive, catchy and hectic are all their skills jumping out on this stellar debut album. It kind of reminds me of Full of Hell if they were cross bred with Municipal Waste, not too shabby eh. The tracks never stay around too long, but wow do they hit you in the face. Why waste time, when as a musician you can simply start a killing spree in like 3 mins. Are Peace of Mind super innovative or original? no but frankly who gives a fuck. This is music to mosh and spin kick your mates face in with. The tracks are nasty as and the real strong and original vocal style drives the album on with each song. Cover art is amazing and matches the furious nature and tone of the entire album. Highlights: Impaler, How does it feel and Deity. All hard as hell and absolute bangers, not that this album has any weak tracks. 4/5 and looking forward to their future albums given the…
Manifestation- Fair Enough album review by Mark Jenkins. German Hardcore kings release their new amazing album on Sept. 7 and it’s solid hardcore that gets better each listen. I can’t recall such memorable riffs and vocal hooks since prime Sick of It All albums. Too many bands let a metal influence overtake the predominant hardcore base they build from. But Manifestation slay! Manifestation excel because what ever they do, they do it exceptionally well. Sprinkles of crossover, NYHC and enough harmony to attach it to your regular playlist. It’s simply first rate from start to finish. Readers; the guitar work is immense, the production probably could have had a touch more punch, but it outclasses its competition by statuesque vocals and well-crafted songs. Highlights: Time thru my hands (exceptional metal driven crossover), Valley Mount (thrash or die fuckers!) and the wicked euro hardcore style of Keep it Together and the title track (very Sacred Reich) 4/5 and a classic. Also kudos to a ba…
Capital Enemy-Knowledge of the Wicked album review by Mark Jenkins.

Melbourne is an absolute hotbed in producing some of the finest hardcore in the country.Same goes for the multitude of great labels and shows constantly rising. Pure fire describes this absolute fucking rager of an album.

Production is amazing crisp, yet bombastically fierce in it's volatile gravity. 10 tracks of heavy, nasty hardcore. Labels are boring as hell, this is pure raging metallic hardcore.
Hardcore with solid death metal influences without a doubt.And surprising in a worldwide sea of fakes and copycats, Capital Enemy standout by providing vastly original songs and structure. The thickness of the well constructed riffs blends seamlessly with bass and drums that are in perfect symmetry with the gravelly vocal delivery. There are catchy grooves, pure headbanging moments and brilliant intricacies that surpasses what could be expected from a debut album.

Highlights were: Graves of the Grey (probably also the…
Archspire interview by Mark Jenkins.

Interview with Spencer Prewett of the Canadian tech death masters, Archspire who are touring Australia for the first time as part of an incredible tour with Psycroptic and Hadal Maw in August. Their last album, Relentless Mutation was an absolute pure tech death masterclass.Great chat and really looking forward to the intense live shows.

MJ-Hello Spencer, how are things going bud? Are you stoked to be visiting our country for the first time?

SP-Things are going great man, we are currently on a brief break back home, before a national tour before heading down under. Man, we are excited to be heading your way with our good friends, Psycroptic. It's going to be a fantastic tour as well as a nice chance to see some of your country.

MJ-What drew, you to metal and why do you find it such a rewarding genre of music for you as a band?

SP-Excellent question man, I think it was like many I had a brother who introduced me to heavy music and it just escalates t…
Dark Mofo Reviewed by Mark Jenkins.

Act Three: Burn the Past.

The third installment (yes I have had to add a fourth) of this review focuses on other non metal events I attended and more merited praise for the world's greatest event.


These ramblings will be random musings, but the gratitude is huge for all.

Laterne by Berlin Atonal Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd @Mac2.

Laterne was a two-night curated electronic music event that was showcasing eclectic and ground-breaking artists.

In the madness of Dark Mofo by wanting to not miss anything and fantastic access granted by their media staff, I swiftly ubered to the venue post Electric Wizard to drop into Laterne #1. Devil's Horns caught the end of Altar, who were dark, but the hard beats really drove their performance, aided by striking audio-visuals. I loved the crossover of noise vs merciless electronica. Fantastic set marred only by people…
Lowlife-Welcome to a Crooked 21st Century album review by Mark Jenkins.

Devil’s Horns like our hardcore to be powerful and focused, and memorable. Lowlife create catchy hardcore that is both well-constructed and impact driven. Their video “No Rest, no Peace” illustrated this beautifully; sensationally in your face hooks with a message. Throughout the album, there is enough metal influence combined with a solid punk basis lyrically addressing relevant issues of our times. Most tracks are politically savage and memorable whilst providing a real breathtaking journey for the entire duration of this album.

This is definitive old school hardcore but done in an exceptional Austrian style. Highlight: All excellent, just buy and listen to the whole release.


Watch this:

This fabulous album is out now. 

Drowning-23 album review and interview by Mark Jenkins.

Hip hop, metal and hardcore mixed in a concrete tumbler is what you have here. The riffs are like rusty razor blades to your throat and the vocals really mix it up from start to end. You love Biohazard and E town concrete?, Yo, you have dropped into the right alleyway. The album flows like the finest wine and it will lodge into your skull for weeks.

I didn't feel gripped by "Gods" video initially, but if you actually open your mind and ears you will be rewarded.Easily in my top ten of the year.

4.5/5. Great progressive and hectic album, Fake and Burnin' Alive are just two solid options from this sick release.

Devil's Horns had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this killer and creative beatdown/hardcore force.

1- Could give me a brief history of your band, it's name and what releases you have?

Drowning was started in 2011 Chicago IL. We soon started hitting the road after while touring the us and no…
Wisdom in Chains-Nothing in nature respects weakness album review by Mark Jenkins.

By delivering their 7th album, you would expect some solid goods you have grown to love plus maybe some progression. Face pounding hardcore is the name of the game for these legends. Did the album seem challenging or different, no chance. This release presents as a decent album, but only passably so. It has substantial groove and punch, but hardly innovative although the guests are solid as fuck: name check, Freddy Madball and Matt Noi!se. But it still only passes as a vague interest.

For me there weren’t really any standout tracks except for Someday. The rest just blended into blandness and real predictability. There isn’t much more to be said, except it was majorly disappointing.

2.5 out of 5. Please comeback with a killer album guys, you have released some real classics, this is a case of where’s your mojo?.

Watch this: