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The Transience Of Flesh - Descend to Acheron EP review and interview.

The Transience Of Flesh by Descend to Acheron EP review. Often this writer crosses his fingers and hopes that the music matches the brutal cover artwork. 100% it does in this case. Descend to Acheron is a brutal OSDM band from Adelaide who has dropped a skull shattering gem in the form of this 6 track masterpiece. 
FFO: Nasty, brutal, and dynamic Death metal that takes no prisoners. Riffs are in an absolute amphetamine race with the drums and pure gory and caustic driven vocals of the highest order. This EP simply does not fuck about, whether it's the guitars, the rhythm section, or vocals; they all seem to entice you into what's coming up next. And the length of the EP is super appealing because each track is short and sweet like a hammer to your face. The bloodied frenzy of these EP doesn't let up and each track attempts to outdo the crazy tones of the previous. It definitely is very OSDM influenced, there is some strong technical prowess but the key here is overwhelmin…

Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review.

Black Monroe-Mid 20's album review. FFO: Melodic, catchy, and rad peak-era Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph punk/hardcore gold!.
For a band that hasn't even been kicking for a full year, this three-piece melodic punk ensemble has done a lot in a small time. Like: played some killer gigs locally, as well as solid festival lineups and an interstate tour. And put out both a sensational debut EP and just recently released this solid as fuck album, Mid 20's. Not bad, no sir you got it way wrong, these guys are killing it. And again, I give my repeated sermon that 2020 is an awesome year for Australian music. Black Monroe is the torchbearer for melodic punk rock. These guys have the potential to be as huge as Bodyjar or Frenzal Rhomb, why because they know how to write epic, catchy anthems with amazing vocals, and songs that hit the spot every time. This improves on the foundation that was present on their debut EP, but moves more towards a heavier and most accomplished sound that echo…

ILS-Curse album review.

ILS-Curse album review. FFO: Sludgy, dirty, noisy punk/metal/garage tunes that will rock your world!.
This epic band from Portland is really what the world damn needs atm. No correction, absolutely anytime. The overall sound is made up of multiple genres, but their sound is utterly original and harks back to a time when independent bands produced sensationally diverse albums that weren't trend-driven. Over the last decade, we have seen the sharp rise of copycat bands that may be influenced by the greats, but frankly don't cut the mustard for long term repeated plays of their dull releases. And this goes for hardcore, metal, sludge, and mainstream music equally. Moving back to our loud and obnoxiously creative gods, ILS we can feel comfortable knowing that the mantle of music that rocks is in very safe hands. Curse is a damn special release, it combines sheer aggro with songs that are so well written-like catchy as fuck. There is a constant groove and rhymic tone that just gra…

Ligeia Wept-A Funeral of Innocence album review.

Ligeia Wept-A Funeral of Innocence album review. FFO: Melodramatic, gloomy, and almost symphonic doom.
Like a broken record, I keep stating how epic 2020 has been for Australian music, we just set the standard so damn high. This genre I definitely normally find over the top and too theatrical for my own tastes, but the opus that is A Funeral of Innocence will tickle the fancy of the most discerning metal fan. Ligeia Wept is a band that is almost a collective of creative metal wizards who reside in Melbourne and come together to provide 6 tracks of mesmerizing gothic-tinged metal. It has well thought out lyrics/song structure and the secret to this stellar release is not only the epic skill of each player but the story and atmosphere created by each track and how well the whole album flows like a scintillating dark thriller. The balance of each instrument and vocal is so well placed in every track, it is like a perfect script for moody and grim metal with a touch of theatre. And that …

Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review.

Warrior Pope-Mellified Man album review. FFO: Deep toned and psychotic doom metal.
Again like a record I keep flipping over for its greatness, I will repeat 2020 is a fantastic year for heavy music. Warrior Pope is an incredible experimental doom metal act from Bristol that is exceptionally original and damn great at the sonic madness they are creating. This is their first album with vocals and to my ears, it certainly adds an increased layer of aggression. The vocals are somewhere between Deafheaven's vocal style and also head nods to Sabbath and Mayhem equally. The 7 track album is so solid because it just flows so damn well, indeed all musicians are terribly masterful in their individual acts, but it just sounds like a tight band. This is the difference between a good and a great album. It's a grim album, exceptionally dark and morbid as fuck; yet dynamic as hell. They are tagged as amplifier worship, how apt a tag. Guitars rip right through you on every track same as the …