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Grief Ritual-Moments of Suffering EP review.

Grief Ritual-Moments of Suffering EP review. Wow, prepare to get your skull crushed and your mind to be dissolved by the greatness of this heavy slab of darkness. Grief Ritual has produced another masterpiece in the grim and epic Moments of Suffering EP.
This writer loved last year's incredible Life is a Phase EP, but it's pale compared to this. This 5 track hell snorter of a release is heavier, darker and even more psychotic. Again I am on the floor in my amazement of this band; they mix many genres-be it black metal, grindcore, and hardcore; and create a deeply disturbing but captivating sound that is this masterful band.
There is no pissing about on the release, you are blown away on the heaviness from the first track to the final notes of this fine creation. There are simply too many things to celebrate here; be it is crazed vocals, amazing riffs, and solid rhythm section. Every track flows perfectly into the next, and then you want to start the damn EP again immediately.

Wolves in the Throne Room interview.

Wolves in the Throne Room interview. On the eve of their second Australian/New Zealand tour after ten years, we had the fantastic chance to chat with Aaron from the band about the dark and brutal glory that is Wolves in the Throne Room. Aaron was great to chat with, an honest and genuine metal musician who is dedicated to his craft.
We chatted about what it means to be driven and not controlled by the music industry, his musical journey and the DIY spirit that runs deep in this band. Sick band, great discussion, so give it a listen!!!

Next month, they tour and as indicated on our chat they are a DIY and heartfelt band, so support them and their crushing music!!!

Fallbrawl-Darkness album review.

Fallbrawl-Darkness album review. Fallbrawl is a metallic hardcore/breakdown force not to be fucked with. Darkness is one of the heaviest and darkest hardcore albums you will have heard in ages, and it will floor you with its impact.

Fallbrawl is a well-established unit that has never compromised in their intention and while every one of their releases is definitely worth your time, Darkness is the album that blows any misplaced accusations of them being a generic beatdown influenced band. This writer constantly struggles with the mediocrity of many beatdown bands; because 75% of the genre sounds mostly dull and uninspiring.

Fallbrawl separates themselves by not just having a few fleeting metal-inspired riffs and vocal stylings but being as much a metal band as a hardcore tour de force. The strong metal integration has always been there for this band, but Darkness really consolidates all their astonishing progress since 2005. The fact their label let them take three years to produce t…

Eight Count-Down for the Count EP/Demo review.

Eight Count-Down for the Count EP/Demo review. As we stated last week, Australia and in particular Melbourne is producing some absolutely solid hardcore/metal bands at the moment. And this writer, as a certified veteran of the said community, can attest that Eight Count is a major contender for the best new hardcore band of 2019.
Eight Count is a real deal hardcore band with serious street cred but eloquently balanced by excellent thrash metal influences. Down for the Count is their debut; it's a demo but given the high quality evident it is a kick-arse EP that impresses.
If you are a fan of honest and gritty hardcore, there is no doubt you will worship this band. The band is so so solid, they would fit perfectly on the marvelous Trial and Error records catalog. And for those not familiar with this label, it was and always will be this country's finest hardcore label.
Four great tracks of beefy hardcore that definitely has some Madball, Death Before Dishonour and Hatebreed vib…

Interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse on the eve of their latest Australian tour.

Interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse on the eve of their latest Australian tour. Unless you have been sleeping under some Ayers Rock size structure, you must be aware of the sheer heavy nature of this symphonic/tech. death metal collective. Since 2007, this band has carved its unique and solid path in this genre. Each album has added new layers and they remain both brutal and progressive with this year's incredible release, Veleno.
We had the chance to chat with Francesco, the band's current vocalist/guitarist (and previous drummer) who came across as a really down to earth guy who was equally passionate about this band as much as metal as a sustaining genre. Apologies for some really average audio issues thanks to the not so reliable Skype, but even with the sound problems you get a sense of the quality of the music the band strives for and it was a wicked chat!!.

The current tour rolls into Australia very soon....don't miss the perfect combo of dramatic performance…

Endless Bore-Personal Development album review.

Endless Bore-Personal Development album review. What an incredible year for Melbourne punk/hardcore/metal artists 2019 has been. Endless Bore is the band we have all been hanging out for. Fast, unrelenting power violence and epic 80's hardcore style to the max. You will be crushed by this release.
Endless Bore dropped this fantastic album in July and it hasn't left my headphones since then. It is well written fast hardcore that is influenced equally by bands like Infest, Dropdead, Los Crudos and Despise You as much as classic old school hardcore bands like Void, Jerry's Kids and Necros. Thus no long songs and it's all pedal to the floor aggression. 
The mixed influences make Endless Bore a really original style band that just crushes you with it's an immediate effect. Underpinning the pace is solid bass and drum work that carries each track to its quick destination. 15 tracks of solid pace, but never overstaying their welcome even remotely. There is also a slight c…

Pissrash S/T EP review

Pissrash S/T EP review. I live in Melbourne and love the place, but the thing I am most proud of, is the incredible bands we produce, time after fucking time. Melbourne welcomes the crazy and incredible Pissrash. WHAT A FUCKING SICK ASS EP. 
Pissrash continues assorted talented lunatics from a variety of frankly stellar local punk and metal bands. But the total sum of all these creative geniuses is a zillion times better than their previous bands. Like 20 levels above and that's a huge call because their previous bands were groundbreaking as well as entertaining as all hell. The self-titled EP is five tracks of pure debauchery, utter chaos but this EP is better than some accomplished bands peak albums. There is no waste of time here, it's straight for the throat nastiness; achieved by outstanding song structures, flesh destroying riffs and pure deranged vocals. All is layered perfectly in each track and the production is straight no bullshit raw aggression. 

The musical style …