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Album reviews by Mark J-More awesome releases-Part 3-Writhing, Burner,Firepower, Une Misere,King, Crisis Act, Inner Light and Abyssal Tomb. All fucking bangers.

Sylvan Awe-Pilgrimage. FFO: the best modern Black Metal album in the last 20 years.

Album reviews-More awesome releases-Part two-Schkeuditzer Kreuz, Jahat, Coffin Carousel and Loner.

Album reviews: a truly fantastic selection Part One-The Owen Guns, Wicked Sisters/Foothills, TV Cult and Shatterface.

Interview with Donald Tardy of Obituary on the eve of their Jan 2024 tour.

Distorta-A Devil in the Dust EP as reviewed by Mark Jenkins. A crushing metal powerhouse, all riffs and aggression, no bullshit.

Mark Jenkins' review of the album Abyss of a Light Planet by Praïm Faya showcases an incredible blend of metalcore, hardcore, and post-metal.

Gig review: The Exploited brilliantly kicked off their Oz/NZ tour @Barwon Club, Geelong 9/11/2023 By Mark Jenkins.

Adversity, Phoenixes and Potential Driving Music, A Naugrim Review: By M H Thomson

Black Metal, Stolen Wardrobes & Plastic Buckets, An Escarion Review (Video/Single)

New(ish) Releases: The Amenta,Suffocation, Go Ahead and Die, Starving Millions, and Aeons Abyss. All are exceptionally fucking awesome, reviewed by Mark J.