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Worst-Resurrected album review and interview. FFO: the toughest hardcore around.

Beat Panic Interview-undoubtedly one of Australia's premier post-punk bands.

Godflesh-Purge album review. By Mark Jenkins. FFO: Moody, grim Industrial gold.

Album reviews: Fange(Industrial Sludge/Death), Rancid(Punk),Drip of Lies(Hardcore/Crust) ,Thatcher's Snatch(UK82 punk) and Serotonin Zero(Blackened Crust) all ripping releases!!.

No Dice-Kill The Shepherds EP review. FFO: Aggressive, crunchy hardcore aka Sheer Terror, Crown of Thornz, Judge, 100 Demons etc.

EXISTENTIAL THIRST TRAP (ESSAYS BY ROBERT DEAN) Reviewed by both Mark Jenkins and Myles Thomson

Geld-Currency//Castration album review. FFO: Abrasive, distorted crust/hardcore at it's finest. By Mark Jenkins.