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In Case you missed...... Burn Victim

We always have a backlog of reviews, this is a very lucky position to be in but delays suck. However, we have to rep shit we hear and really like. Case in point, Ohio powerhouse hardcore band BURN VICTIM.
This is essential metallic hardcore at its peak and it crushes.

This self-titled release dropped via Bandcamp in April but is so worth your time. It is exceptional as this is their first release, a solid 8 track album that reminds me of Hatebreed in a blender with Jesus Piece and proper old school metalcore bands.

The sheer sound they bring from a four-piece is incredible, it's like a refined steamroller on steroids. Production is punching as fuck with exceptional attention to making the guitars bring the abrasive riffs to your ears as much as the raw as fuck vocals. Every track was excellent and the writer loved the quality craftsmanship of the lyrics, they were excellent. Check out opener Snakes:

Hungry predators with venomous intent 
Hide their hiss and call there self a friend…

Conan and Bell Witch interviews

Double whammy, two killer interviews for you to wrap ya ears around.

First up: Jon Davis of heavy sludgelords Conan was interviewed just after the release of their sensational new album, Existential Void Guardian.

It was excellent to chat with this great bloke and their tour next month will be killer.

Enjoy and not only buy the killer album but go to the amazing tour with special guest, Bell Witch.

And I was also lucky enough to speak to the excellent bassist and vocalist of this band, Dylan.

If you don't have a copy of one of the last's years best doom metal release, Mirror Reaper; you are quite simply a clueless clown. It's fucking amazing, end of.

It's a hell of a tour, don't be a dumbarse and miss it.

Max Cavalera Interview

Max Cavalera Interview By Mark Jenkins.

Max is a certified legend and the writer still clearly remembers the day a friend played me Sepultura for the first time. Max creates sensational and fearless music; be it early Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy or Killer Be Killed. But the best attribute of this incredible musician is not only is he one of the nicest guys in the metal genre period; but he is a huge music fan first and foremost.

This comes through very clearly in this interview as we talk about punk/hardcore and metal worship and the huge album that Soulfly drop tomorrow, Ritual. It's a beast of a release and easily their best album.

That review will be dropped soon, but in the meanwhile enjoy my chat with Sir. Max Cavalera, punk metal warlord.

Ritual drops October 19th on Nuclear Blast, order it asap; it's how metal should be played; aggressive and grabbing you by the throat!!!.


Terror-Total Retaliation Reviewed by Mark Jenkins.  This is Terror's 7th album in and this band remains still solid as fuck,  unlike many of their peers. Easily this is one of Terrors best albums period. If you cant produce the fucking goods as a band,  quit ffs.
The album opens with a surprisingly mid paced warning to all the doubters,  This world never wanted me not only rang true to me personally but its barbs, are so deep,  you know Terror ain't settling for an average release.  This then leads into an onslaught of true hardcore sounds that demand your attention. There is a beautiful abrasive flow throughout this album and while its hardcore as fuck in it's traditional roots, each 2 min track is diverse and original.
Amazing ripsnorters like Get off my backOne more enemy and Break the lock ensure more stagedives in the foldback as Scott Vogel would shout. This leads into a sick rap interlude to break the pace, well only briefly.
This is literally to allow you to ca…
Dimmu Borgir Interview with Silenoz by Mark Jenkins.

On the eve of their first headlining tour in Australia and the release earlier this year of their symphonic black metal opus "Eonian", this writer had the honor of chatting to Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir.

We discussed the craftsmanship and dedication to the art of producing a solid album as well as how 25 years of solid work has paid off and the excitement around their tour this month. Silenoz is a friendly and passionate guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is really proud of his work.

Have a listen and grab a ticket pronto to what will without a shadow of a doubt be a tour that is talked about for ages.

Behemoth-I Loved You at Your Darkest reviewed by Mark Jenkins.

Let's state the facts, these Polish metal gods have been a creative force since the early 90's and although they are far from their original black metal style; they have created numerous masterpieces and the progression has been a joy to observe. No sellout shit here; this writer believes Nergal and co; frankly don't give a fuck about your opinion and criticism. True metal craftsmen.

ILYAYD is Behemoth's 11th epic release. Did they aim to better the incredible "the Satanist"? or were they seeking to continue the virtues of this groundbreaking album?. I believe the later, because while the production and variation are astonishing; it seems to be slightly stagnant by the means of the depth of the previous release. Now for most bands that would be disappointing, but there is no mediocrity present here. This writer is a massive fan of this band and while I think it is a solid album; its impact was le…