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Interview with the amazing Greg Bennick (Trial, Bystander and so much more!!).

Interview with the amazing Greg Bennick (Trial, Bystander and so much more!!). Greg Bennick is an individual of so many talents. Incredible singer of multiple great hardcore bands-Trial, Between Earth and Sky and Bystander. He produces amazing films, he is an outstanding public speaker, a humanitarian as well as a comedian. He is articulate, funny and is passionate about things that really matter.

We were privileged to speak to Greg when he recently toured Australia for his spoken word tour here. 
Take the time to not only read this great interview (each answer has gems of wisdom that you should ponder IMHO) but more so; feel free to contact him if you would like to go deeper on some of the topics mentioned here and definitely look at the fantastic work he does through One Hundred for Haiti. Links at the conclusion of this interview.
Greg through all his work is so inspiring and thought-provoking.
Greetings Greg, It’s Mark from Devil’s Horns Zine. Thanks so much for your time my frien…

Obituary interview with Donald.

Obituary interview with Donald. Obituary is absolute Death Metal royalty and their catalog is simply unbeatable. Their early stuff set the tone and changed the genre forever, but also their more recent albums are sensational as well. If you don't know their works, take a deep listen and you will be blown away. Great albums and incredible live. 
We are so lucky to have this Death metal institution tour on our shores in January 2020. Get ready to be crushed, plus the amazing Wormrot are supporting....pure aggro!!!.
Earlier this month, we were thrilled to chat with the insightful/warm and all-round great guy, Donald from the band. We chatted about the band's history, his own musical journey and many side tangents. Excellent chat with a chilled and informative legend. Enjoy!!!.

Most importantly, the Aussie tour is close to sold out in most venues, so hit Santa up for a ticket...TODAY!!!!