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Ripped Away-Redemption Strike EP review by Mark Jenkins.

Ripped Away-Redemption Strike EP review by Mark Jenkins.

A few weeks Upstate Records dropped this absolute killer EP from Ripped Away. Three tracks, but hey when music is that fierce and raw and abrasive, you got to say "Hells yes".

This is the best EP the writer has heard in ages. I dig the breakdowns as much as the solid beatdown influence on the overall sound, however this is not like those boring generic beatdown bands from europe(well 90%) that are duller than dishwater. The EP has a much more dynamic sound than their previous EP "Lessons Thru Pain" that dropped in August last year. that was certainly very decent, but sounded flat. This is probably much closer to what the band sounds like live I imagine.

The vocals are much more intense and the song structures more definitive. All three tracks are solid as fuck and also real catchy tunes. For me, Strength in Numbers was the real standout; the hooks and vibe was excellent and the incredible. I lov…

Violent By Design-Dark Days Deserved album review

Violent By Design-Dark Days Deserved album review by Mark Jenkins.

Formed in Upstate New York in 2016. Violent By Design are Proud members and Supporters of the Upstate NY Hardcore and metal scene.

They strive to bring the heavy rhythmic hardcore that will leave you angry and wanting more.

Previously they have released one killer e.p. and two singles, but this solid and amazingly focused band have just dropped their earth-shattering debut album.
Dark Days Deserved is a brilliantly constructed release that is not subtle in its ferocious intent. But this is harsh, caustic metallic hardcore that grabs you by the neck and throws off you the nearest mediocre bridge. 

Definitely FFO All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Ramallah, and Pantera. I think this makes the release so unique and essential, as well as a forceful and driving rhythm section, it is matched and overshadowed by searing riffs and vocals that bring the best of thrash metal and hardcore. Truly an exceptional combination that makes you…

Down To This-First Ten Years Discography review

Down To This-The First Ten Years album review by Mark Jenkins.

Heres the bio from this beast of a hardcore band:

Formed in the fall of 2008, four dudes who are sick of fake ass scenesters and trendy flavor of the month local bands, started a bare bones hardcore band dedicated to real, straightforward expression through brutal music and honest lyrics. DOWN TO THIS has proven its self as a solid force in North Carolina hardcore with a die hard following as well as an ever-expanding Worldwide fan base.

 In December of 2009, they released the 6 song "LIFEBLOOD" e.p. leaving the kids clamoring for more.
In late 2011 they released their first full length "DIRT CITY" and took a break in early 2013 after a whirlwind of amazing shows with Nonpoint, Hed PE, Shadows Fall, Nile, Mushroomhead, and Hatebreed etc. 2014 saw the drop of the incredible "RELENTLESS" e.p. 
This is a band that with each release they have progressed immensely whilst keeping to the true spirit…

Harm's Way gig review by Mark Jenkins

Harm’s Way gig review The Bendigo Hotel 15/1/2019 By Mark Jenkins
Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I missed the first two support bands. However, I had arrived in time to see Caged Existence. This was a  band that friends had hyped and they delivered in spades, crushing hardcore with amazing structured songs, hellfire vocals, and catchy songs. This band is popular and getting great support slots for a reason; this is pure hardcore with passion. Check this band out at any opportunity, they are sensational.
Next up was the incredible Honest Crooks, best described as a metal as fuck/beatdown hardcore band with all the hooks and groove you could ever want in a band. Honest Crooks as always had the eager crowd in the palm of their hand. Their skill from playing some many shows is clearly evident; the amazing performance of this band is phenomenal; I really think these lads have the chance to be as big as Thy Art is Murder. They have the playing chops, the incredible songs, one of t…

Harm's Way Interview

 Harm's Way Interview with 
Bo Lueders by Mark Jenkins

The aggressive, but highly focused steamroller that is Harm's Way has hit our shores again and it was 11 months ago that they dropped the beast that is POSTHUMAN.

Words cannot describe how punishing this album was, but it was one of hardcore's finest moments. An ugly as hell album that challenged both mind and ears.

POSTHUMAN was completely original and at the same time, an incredible document of how skilled this band truly are.

Bo gave fantastic insights into the passion and sometimes mediocrity of life that drives the artist and why progression; as opposed to being pigeon-holed is the driving force to a band that really embodies what is hardcore.

Enjoy the chat and catch them live, your ears won't forgive you but your soul certainly will.

Interview with Erik Danielsson of Black Metal Gods WATAIN

Watain Interview By Mark Jenkins.
2019 is already heating up as a sensational year for amazing tours.
On the eve of Watain's third Australian tour, we had the honor of interviewing an all-around incredible and articulate guy, Erik Danielsson of Black Metal royalty, Watain.

Their incredible album, Trident Wolf Eclipse dropped one year ago and is a certified metal masterpiece. If you missed this album, suss it out; it will literally blow your mind in every sense. Well written and it wastes no time drawing you in and maintaining your interest on its brutal journey. It's a rip snorter.

Our chat with Erik was really great and his passion just shows with every brilliant answer he thoughtfully provided.

Enjoy our chat, it's certainly a favorite of ours!!

The Australian tour kicks off next month, it will deliver on every level. Don't miss this epic tour.

Devil's Horns Zine is back for 2019......Don't Mess with the Best!!!

Devil's Horns is back for 2019........
Nothing can stop us......
We have some huge interviews and reviews planned this year my friends.
If you have a release due out, hit us up. Same as gigs, don't sit on your hands-chat to us.
We mean business, we are passionately dedicated to music and art that challenges.
So share our links and show your support.