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Author and Punisher,20th June 2019 Dark Mofo review by Mark Jenkins

Author and Punisher,20th June 2019 Dark Mofo review by Mark Jenkins This was the second Dark Mofo session of the famed noise creator Tristian Shone; in the overwhelming form known as Author and Punisher. His delivery of brutal industrial metal fused with doom and drone genres is divine because it is made by machines and circuitry he has designed himself. It's a splendid show to watch because despite being the one-man show; it is captivatingly vicious to witness. 
The support act was the Australian electronic act Rebel Yell, where dark, industrial acid electro was the main persuasion. The music was astounding heavy and catchy, but the vocals less so. It certainly had a large audience appeal, but not for this writer. To me the vocal mix really was offputting; it came out of the sound system like some gothic electronic fused acts from the 80's/90's we purposely forgot about. Just not my bag at all, as an instrumental act it would have been more pleasing. But I think it was m…

An Evening with Blixa, Dark Mofo 20th June 2019 By Mark Jenkins.

An Evening with Blixa, Dark Mofo 20th June 2019 By Mark Jenkins.
After a great night of crushing metal the previous night at the same famed venue, Hobart's glorious Odeon Theatre, I was here to witness the sheer magic that is Blixa Bargeld. 
His musical resume is one to be treasured. Not only is he the lead protagonist in Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, but he was of course in Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and his solo collaborations have been stunningly jaw-dropping and never dull. This night was meant to originally be Blixa and one of his fine collaborators, Teho Teardo playing live, but due to health issues preventing Teho touring this was changed to tonight's excellent format. 
This was an intimate where of course King Blixa held court and thoroughly entertained us with a lively Q and A session, intermixed with five beautifully interwoven songs.
There was no live band as Blixa so playfully indicated on stage; telling us where various band members including a local choir would be pos…

Hymns of the Dead review at Dark Mofo 19th June 2019 By Mark Jenkins

Hymns of the Dead review at Dark Mofo, 19th June 2019 Odeon Theatre.

This event is unrelentingly and lovingly tagged ‘’The International House of Metal” and for us who celebrate this genre and all the side meanderings around it, it is one of the gigs of the year.

This year as with the previous years absolutely promised so, so much and superseded all degrees of epic greatness by the end of the evening.

First up were New Zealand purveyors of crushing war metal, Heresiarch. You know when you have a lead singer that looks likes peak Phil Anselmo, (but without the redneck comments) and has such supreme blackened death vocals and evil swagger then you know the opening band has the fucking goods. I was overwhelmed by the sheer heaviness of this four-piece, everything was so barbaric and heavy, but at the same time-besides the vocals and absolute war-machine style of drumming; none of the bass lines or guitar riffs stood out. And certainly on their releases, this is so much more clear cut, bu…

Interview with Karl Willetts-Memoriam and review of Requiem for Mankind.

Memoriam is a band that literally is made up of  Metal gods; ex-Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Sacrilege and Cerebral Fix. That's damn heavy.
The band started as some friends jamming some old school covers but quickly became a solid band as witnessed by the three solid albums, the third which drops this week.

I had an awesome chat with Karl, their vocalist and to say he was a passionate, awesome great guy was an understatement. He is the knowledgeable metal guy that with a heart of gold that you'd chat to for hours in your local beer garden. The subjects ranged from the awesome power of the new album, about how music is so rewarding and also about the importance of an underground music community and it was a fantastic chat. Enjoy.

Memoriam-Requiem For Mankind review. This absolute rager of an old-school death metal album drops this week via Nuclear Blast Records and is the third album in this trilogy that focuses on grief primarily. It’s the album that clearly defines the band and…

Interview with Dragged Into Sunlight-Pre Dark Mofo/Australian Tour

Dragged Into Sunlight is an absolute demented force in the world of grim, extreme music. Made up from a fierce collective of individuals, not revealing their identities because essentially the focus as with all true art, should be the art, not the artist. Their four releases are solid and well crafted, no bullshit and pure unadulterated aggression. But underlying the heaviness is both skilled songwriting and masterful atmosphere. I advise you to listen to all their outstanding releases and the most recent release NV which was a collaboration with Gnaw Their Tongues is complete and utter audio insanity, in the best possible way. As in mind-fuckingly glorious!.

I had the fantastic chance to chat to T, their vocalist and it was an incredible chat with an articulate individual and it is always heartwarmingly pleasing to chat to a band you really respect and their words match their deep passion for music.

DH-Hey how are things going with you.

T-Great, the band has been in the studios of n…