Through my media work, I have got to do some interviews with those I consider musical icons and legends that have influenced me in so many ways. None come greater than this interview with Mick Geggus, guitarist and one of the founders of street punk pioneers, Cockney Rejects. Their influence on punk/hardcore/metal is far-reaching and for this writer opened up a whole world of music; for me, the Rejects were my Clash or Sex Pistols. Complete game changers and their albums are still absolute classics.
I had the chance to have a great chat with Mick about all things Rejects, football, East End Babylon Dvd, political correctness and music in general. The bloke was as genuine and endearing as you expect. Down to earth, a wicked sense of humor and a straight shooter. After the interview, I had the chance to finally see the Cockney Rejects live and many of my peers called it the greatest night of their punk lives. I agree the set was solid as hell, all the hits you love and the banter was pure gold. They left most bands for dead with their energy and skill, it was a classic night. I was lucky enough to have a pint with the boys post-gig and that same laid back, relaxed manner prevailed. This band is just a bunch of honest lads enjoying their music and happy to play their tunes. 

I was also privileged to meet Mick's wife and his stepson as well. Lovely peeps and at the 15:30 min mark of this interview they make an appearance, but I left it in because it also shows that at the heart of it, Mick is a great family man who is proud of where he comes from and the banter illustrates that very clearly. (Plus I didn't want to risk any editing stuff-ups that could possibly divert from the enjoyable flow of this classic interview). Without a doubt my favorite interview!!! So enjoy...

This is the book Micky was talking about, well worth getting:


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