Arcline-Gateway Drugs EP.

Arcline-Gateway Drugs EP.

Upstate Records continue to be the best American hardcore label by a mile. Arcline is a fantastic band that has existed since 2014, but a rejigged line-up sees them stronger than ever. Marty from Hoods fame is now on vocals and this lineup is solid for these five tracks of sheer hardcore perfection.

Production is immense with Taylor of Nails/Twitching Tongues handling production and killing it. 
It's aggressive and just heads on heavy with the clarity of my fave sxe records.

The EP consists of four originals and a Warzone cover, yeah baby!!.
The style is definitely a mix of old school crushing NYHC meets L.A. hardcore, which this war ensemble is based. So pretty much angry as fuck stuff with some Terror style class.

This EP gives you a taste of hopefully a full album in the future. I loved the aggression, but the delivery was so perfect in every way. Riffs are plentiful and pissed off vocals carry every song in a joy-filled Merauder meets Excel kinda style. And that's sick as anything you have heard in years let me tell you!!!.

All four tracks are solid and catchy as hell.Plus the Warzone cover beats the original.