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Dogz of War Interview, FFO:Straight Up Hardcore legends.

Getting Wrecked By TedTalks And Ancient Greeks, A Get Rekt Album Analysis: By M H Thomson.

Album Reviews: Persecutor, Fury of Five, Sleaford Mods, Dyoxidon...FFO: Quality music!!!

Album reviews-Bong Coffin/Fever Shack/Honest Crooks...all sick releases!!!.

Kuntsquad Interview. FFO: Rowdy, Metal/Punk as Fuck Musos!!!

Munt-Pain Ouroboros EP Review and an interview. FFO: Sheer brutal masterpieces.

Tongue Scum. Callously Formed. FFO: Insane grind/PV.

Beat Panic-Anti Club//Club Ep. FFO: Bloody Brilliant Post Punk Gold.

Nephalem-Phantasmagoria Lp/mini LP. FFO: Sensationally energetic and in your face hardcore with a touch of metal.

Kuntsquad-S/T album. FFO: In your face, original,raw, crushing and unrelenting punk/metal.