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Bulletbelt reviews:Flamethrower (two albums), Primitive Knot, Vorare, Ancient Enemy, Disposal Unit, Old Grey Horror and Frayle.

Vikvanir - On The Shoulders Of Gods EP. FFO: Fantastic, aggressive and hyper-intelligent modern Black Metal.

Candles, Toilets & Religious Metaphors, A Three Times Royal Analysis: By M H Thomson. FFO:Modern Metal Brilliance!!

Lacerhate-Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death album review and killer interview. FFO: Perfect mix of Hardcore/metal that will slay you.

Rosy Finch-SECONDA MORTE EP and interview.. FFO: Loud Riffs, sensational song writing and Mood.

Munitions-Black Wind EP. FFO: Thrashy, Hectic Blackened Death Metal.

Freedom of Fear-Carpathia album. FFO: Excellent and Crushing Melodic Tech. Death Metal.

Eight Count - Hard Dose Of Reality EP review and Interview. FFO: Uncompromising, aggressive hardcore aka Mindsnare, Hatebreed, All Out War and Blood for Blood etc.