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Sanctioned interview with PaulyDog and Jay.

Sanctioned has achieved cult-like status for a band that has only played about ten shows. But their aggressive intent is so damn clear, this is a band who grabs you around the throat and demands your attention with their hectic grind/crust roundhouse kick to the face. The artisan like skillsets of each member is very apparent from being in so many seminal bands and this shows it's brilliance in both solid songwriting ability and being killer live performers. The band has recorded their debut album Annexation which should drop in November. And you know already, it will be a certified classic. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the harsh, erosive and momentous metal force that is Sanctioned.Sanctioned interview with PaulyDog and Jay.Sanctioned comes with some heavyweight Melbourne extreme music legends in its foundations; give us the history of this epic old school grindcore battalion, keen to hear how the band come about and also for those sleeping under a rock, your member'…

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