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Beat Panic-Anti Club//Club Ep. FFO: Bloody Brilliant Post Punk Gold.

Nephalem-Phantasmagoria Lp/mini LP. FFO: Sensationally energetic and in your face hardcore with a touch of metal.

Kuntsquad-S/T album. FFO: In your face, original,raw, crushing and unrelenting punk/metal.

French Accents and Accidentally Taking Your Ex’s Bath Salts, A Seum Album Analysis: By M H Thomson.

Bulletbelt Reviews: Stitched, Hatehug, Nothing to Lose and Inebrious Bastard. All killer, all different!!!

Gravehuffer-.​.​.​Depart From So Much Evil album. FFO: Extreme metal/hardcore at it's best!!!.

Anoxia-Languish In Suffering EP. FFO:OSDM brutality.

BULLETBELT REVIEWS: Hooks and Bones(Crossover), Lost to Life(Metallic Hardcore), Kishi(stoner/rock/doom), My Own Fear(Death Metal) and Bract(Industrial Doom)