Bulletbelt Reviews: Stitched, Hatehug, Nothing to Lose and Inebrious Bastard. All killer, all different!!!


Bulletbelt Reviews: Stitched, Hatehug, Nothing to Lose and Inebrious Bastard. All killer, all different!!!

Bulletbelt reviews are a throwback to when hardcore zines cut the bullshit and gave you unfiltered, concise reviews with all the facts you need. Enjoy!.

As always we have some superb releases of mixed genres that are designed to blow your speakers. These are straight-to-the-point reviews that assist you in buying the release and getting you new tunes!!! This selection is amazing!!

Stitched-Slumtracks EP. Wow, Birmingham always delivers and this fierce hardcore/metalcore beast is so intense and goes against the trend of every UK band trying to sound like Malevolence. There is a slight Kublai Khan vibe, but this sounds beyond that. Chunky, hectic hardcore with a smashing groove; and not cheesy shit but real two-step insanity and solid breakdowns. No weak tracks on this but definitely Happy to Inflict, No One Likes a Rat and Bring Back the Hate are pure slaughterhouse machines. I love the grimness, it's moody and pissed off, but shows maturity in songwriting and also real respect to release an EP where the tracks flow so well. Even the quietish Sic Transit Gloria Mundi works like a well-placed gem, it's a breather, but still is intense as fuck(wait for the ending, it'll destroy it...it is glorious!!!). But my fave track is the superb Broken Mirror, it's so gritty, gripping and so enraged. Its use of controlled tempo was mindblowing as well. And the mad-spitting hip-hop guest vocals were magnificent. And this would be a live ripper!!.
This is sensational and hectic as fuck!!!

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Hatehug-Doomsday Glacier. Yes, this did drop last year, but I think it's one of the best crust albums I have heard in years. This is Pure Scandi crust mixed with UK raw punk like Disorder/Chaos UK, but straight from Berlin and it is killer. Angry, catchy and ripping. The album is 11 tracks of straight-for-the-throat crust punk with tons of energy on every track. No songs overstay their welcome and any track would rule live. It's not just fast and angry, the lyrics, as well as the focus on intelligent songwriting, sets it apart from all the current boring neocrust we hear. Excellent album and a certified classic.

Out now and essential!!!.

Nothing to Lose-Obey. I am a huge fan of french hardcore and it generally seems to move beyond the very average euro hardcore boredom, these guys do modern hardcore with no trendy shit, just fierce aggression, thick riffs, tough as fuck vocals and a real pacey tempo from end to end. This was released a while back, but demands your attention, as every track is like a euro Terror vibe with hard-arse beatdown vibes. The best tracks were Earth, Society and the crazed Violence. But the track that is the most moshy and a real earworm with its crossover vibe is the brilliant Conscience. A solid band that is going places, grab this release and support hard!!!

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Inebrious Bastard-God Swipes Left.Wow, all my crust hopes and dreams, love this band and this is pure old school crust aka old ENT, DOOM and CONCRETE SOX.... epic and crushing riffs. From front to end, this is confronting crust, in your face and thundering. AKA my fave music, and I can't pick straight-up best songs as the whole release is my jam, however, the following are insanely top-shelf bangers: Shadow Pony, Crucified Upon a Southern Cross, the title track and Dead Inside. Hell of a release full of solid riffs, killer tempo and insane vocals. Very crushing release.
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