Beat Panic-Anti Club//Club Ep. FFO: Bloody Brilliant Post Punk Gold.



Beat Panic-Anti Club//Club Ep. FFO: Bloody Brilliant Post Punk Gold. This is a killer release from some time ago, but it is quite frankly essential, one of the best post-punk releases in the last ten years.

Why is it so solid you may ask?: it is exquisitely catchy, well written, has impressive lyrics, sharp song structures and a restless energy that is infectious. This is a damn fine record for the ages!!!.

Melbourne-based Beat Panic combines dark wave, post-punk and new wave magnificence. The riffs are punchy, the rhythm is solid and the synth adds splendid layers to sensationally gifted vocal prowess. 
Sprawl is a synthy intro of little over a minute, but creates a sparkling yet grim vibe to settle/unsettle in for a wild ride ahead. Then you get to the heart of the matter the wild, super memorable classic that is Parasocial Wreckage, a damn fine earworm if I ever heard one. The super pleasant riffs are balanced by some offbeat synth and drums that build a momentum that will hook you in before you are halfway thru the track, quite an achievement. Excellent vigourous track. 

Then, as you are impressed, the next gem slides in; Panic Beat arrives. It is as much attention-seeking as it is loud and expansive. These two tracks remind me of The Damned and that is an instant selling point if you are a quality music fan with taste. Quality Control arrives and is like Australian Dark Wave and almost Bauhaus adjacent, the superb synth sound is super deep on this one and the vocals dominate this track, and like many tracks, the quirky lyrics and vocal gymnastics illustrate the high skill levels of this band. The songs are written like timeless bands of old and the delivery is precise and purposeful, it just has all the right amounts of everything in the right place.  Same for the next track one of my huge faves, Sunk Cost has stunningly crafted lyrics and a brisk pace after an enchanting quiet opening, this is a phenomenal track. The drums and bass soar as well. But the chunky and airy synth at the end is sincerely extraordinary. 
Salary Man closes out the proceedings in an illustriously dubby manner. It's a reminder of many excellent post-punk meets dub leanings of Killing Joke, PIL, Gang of Four, Wire and even Fugazi. That is some pedigree there, but this band has the essence of these greats and much more. 

This is an exceptional record from a band that will promise so much and surpass that easily. I am so damn excited to see how this bird soars in the future skies. Perfect record from a first-class band. 
Support this band well and see them live. We have an interview with the band soon, so stay tuned!.

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