Gravehuffer-.​.​.​Depart From So Much Evil album. FFO: Extreme metal/hardcore at it's best!!!.


Gravehuffer-.​.​.​Depart From So Much Evil album. FFO: Extreme metal/hardcore at its best!!!.

It's no exaggeration this is the best album I have heard in years as it's a fucking mix of all my fave shit-Old school death metal, crust, grindcore and hardcore all in one diverse bullet casing. It's brutal, it's clever and awesome.

This release is crushing, heavy and so addictive. The essence of the best of proper death metal and grind is mixed with hardcore foundations and also heaps of crust influence. So you have riffs and brutality, excellent songwriting and aggression. There is also a cool element of sludge spread across the tracks, adding further interest to the already diverse mix of sounds; including almost mathcore. Plus this band has done a Godflesh cover previously, so I assumed they would be killer. They definitely have an Aus-Rotten meets Extreme Noise Terror vibe.

Everything is banging on the first 5 tracks, the vocals are one-minute hardcore ish, then deep gruffish, and the riffs are biting, forceful and straight-up brutal. But this is in complete cohorts with resonant bass and drums; this is a force to be reckoned with. Then we have the title track, the extreme metal version of Rime of the Ancient Mariner; this epic track is just wild on every level. The start is slightly acoustic and it builds into a wonderous hellscape, that confidently drops in and out of styles-but, not in a confused way. I really dug the black metal vocals that reminded me of many greats; including some Amebix-like gloom to the mix. The clever sample drops on this track, really make it equally apocalyptic and movie-like.  And middle part of the track remind me of cult zombie-like movies, which is a winner. This descends or ascends depending on your ears into gothic crust with striking black metal vocals and the sickest drums to annihilate you into pieces, but then has this insane almost post-punk ending that is just brilliant. The EP is solid as hell, but that last track is mindblowing; this band could quickly release four records under different names and you would buy every one of these. This is because the skill set of the band is top level, they do mood as well as brutality equally and this release floored me.
Highly recommended!!

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